Redistricting is the process of redrawing district boundaries to guarantee equal voter representation through equal, or equivalent, population counts. So, if they district people together that typically don’t vote, that gives them the control as they put people who are more conservative and will vote for the same things the establishment wants them to vote for. I had an interesting conversation with someone talking about all the bills that the Governor has been signing that people are upset about. He said that is why local elections are so important. Do you think local elections are so important? Do you think the local election affected the redistricting that will be in place for the next 10 years and what that means for people of color? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Thomas Mc: “At this point I don’t think voting matters period. So many districts are gerrymandered despite census data or population factors so it seems pointless. On both sides of the aisle, I see lawmakers not caring at all what their constituents want. In the end, businesses and special interest groups determine the votes. So I don’t see how local elections will make a difference in governors races or National in general.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I live in a small town and will be a candidate for office in January. Local elections are where we have the biggest opportunity to make our voices heard. Your vote has more of an impact locally. On a state and federal level, the number of people each Congressperson represents increases. When you take it to city hall,you are heard. A letter to your congressman is muted.”

Jerry Rowray: “Really, what does it matter? With just 7 to 10% of voter turnout, I don’t think it’s important to the actual voters. It’s more important to the political parties. It’s a typical pissing contest with them.”

Juan Ramirez: “No one anywhere asked for redistricting (gerrymandering).”

Thomas Eller: ”Sounds like it’s time to clean house and get some people that work for the people. The current Texas government needs to be unemployed!!!”

Will McLeod: “Everything the COMMUNIST democrats don’t like is racist.”

Ramon Garcia: “Gerrymandering was something the Democrats came up with…so I don’t know why they are crying about their own rules.”

Louis Upton: “Yea, we knew that was coming. We should not be drawing lines based on race. We should have districts where neighbors represent neighbors. I have had zero representation in the Texas Senate or US House for years, as those elected in my district live 300 plus miles away. I am not sure if either even knows where Guadalupe County is. Neither has won this county, ever.”

Lawrence Fuentes: “Democrats crying as usual should have stayed in California.”

Eric Lee: “When losers know they are gonna lose, they change the rules. It’s been happening since we were kids! The losers always change the rules to win and keep winning because they are a bunch of sore losers. This is why all kids don’t deserve trophies. Teach your kids to lose with pride, people, not be little babies like the Republicans! These clowns are still gonna lose and cry fraud like Trump. The Trumpazees have been crying this whole time!”

Lance Schurr: “Vote red! Even the RGV has finally decided to vote red. The democratic party has done nothing for them.”

Ken Rowan: “They are changing the rules because they are losing.”

Christopher Johnson: “Leave it to the GOP to complain about voter fraud while committing voter fraud. Pretty sure y’all’s Bible talks about hypocrisy and how it’s frowned upon. Y’all deal with that. Oh yea, Trump lost.”

Nicholas Trevino: “Why? It ain’t affecting me none. I still vote like everyone else”

Tyler Rivera: “I mean the perfect example of gerrymandering is that El Paso is part of district 19 and not 23. What could possibly be the excuse for that?”

Fred Juarez Jr.: “This spineless ratpublicans are doing this to win.”

RL Burnell: “Race Baiters at it again!”