By Yvette Tello

Life after death.. Have you ever had a near-death experience and came back? Have you ever lost everything and recovered from it? Have you ever lost someone in your life that caused you to lose yourself and you overcame it? Have you ever been “resurrected?” Let’s talk about it…#letstalkaboutit

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “ I was having surgery. I was put under. I saw myself as a 3rd grader but somehow I knew I was dying. I saw “The light” above me and I was a child, I was praying for a second chance asking God to let me be with my children. I told him they needed me;  I’m here today! The funny thing is that I saw myself with a peach color dress & my hair pulled back in a pony tail.  A few weeks later, I found a picture of me in elementary with the same dress & pony tail.  It was the most beautiful experience. Before this, I had so much hurt and hate in me. When I woke up I was a different person, I was reborn with a heart full of faith and have never felt that hurt or hate again. GOD IS GOOD!”

Tony Diaz: “ I have come back from the dead thanks to the doctors.”

Amanda Cena: “ I witnessed someone losing themselves over their loved one. They were lost, confused, hurt, angry, hopeless and thought they couldn’t live. Prayer and faith changed them and they are so blessed right now”

Nina A. Sanchez: “ There are many different occasions that I can talk about. From a car accident being unconscious and hearing a voices yelling at you to get up and get out but to wake up to no one around to being lost in drugs and partying lifestyle where you look in the mirror and not knowing who’s in front of you. Or how about  getting raped or molested every weekend by your own family member but actually not being in your body anymore? Finding yourself…or what you think it’s you… floating above to the ceiling watching while it happens.Then once it’s over,you come to and roll over like it never happened.(That’s what you call astral projecting) You learn to leave your body. Was I actually dead for that moment but my spirit just kept coming back? That night of my accident, when I heard someone screaming to get up and get out, what that me yelling? How about one regular day I’m driving my kids home from school as usual. I started not feeling well and my arm wasn’t feeling normal .I happen to be passing my doctor’s office.  I pulled in to schedule an appointment. I was rushed in to check my temperature and  blood pressure..As I waited there, I started feeling like I was gonna pass out. They put in a room on a bed..All I remember is hearing alot of voice; “where is her family?  Call her husband or father.  she’s gone..” Then I woke up like nothing and found several medical assistants, nurses, & a doctor  around me. It was  like if they had seen a ghost. Did I really die for that moment? All I know…I’m still here stronger then ever….thank God.”

Benjamin Godina :“I’ve had the most heart breaking message sent to me that made me want to take my life for almost an hour. If it wasn’t for my mom and a dear close friend of mine I may not be here today.”

Hope Robinson: “ I came close to drowning when a teenager. I swallowed water and blacked out. It felt like an eternity and was in slow motion in my mind. Thankfully was not alone and a good friend pulled me out of the water.”

Rosa Mendez: “I have died twice and believe me it is no fun. They do not know why and I have no symptoms I just fall over and that is it.”