On Monday, May 2, 2022, Politico published a draft of a Supreme Court opinion that would overturn Roe v. Wade, the landmark 1973 ruling declaring that the Constitution guarantees Americans the right to end their pregnancies. The court later confirmed that the document, written in February, is genuine, but emphasized that it is not the court’s final word. A recent poll reveals that 62% of Americans that were asked do not agree with overturning Roe v Wade. Do you agree? Let’s talk about it…

Frances Potter: “I do not agree. Supreme Courts are becoming political. Totally to the right! They want to take women’s rights to decide what to do with their own body!”

Steve Page: “The thing is, it’s not about popularity it’s about

Erick Clark: “Women have all the freedom in the world. They have the right to open their legs. Just don’t expect Johnny taxpayers to pay for your poor decisions.”

Robert Vasquez: “America is ok with killing 900,000 plus innocent middle eastern civilians. It’s ok with its illegal occupations. It’s ok with funding Israel to continue killing Palestinians. It’s history of genocides ( indigenous and of the blacks ) but all of a sudden it’s focused on saving a fetal ;America with its continuation of slavery now forced on women. For every man that impregnates a woman with an unwanted child, I vote for immediate vasectomies.”

Leon Gaytan: “TOTAL ABORTIONS SINCE 1973: 63,459,781 and counting…”

Rob Gonzales: “ To Leon Gaytan 63,459,781 women who made the best choice for the situation at hand. Nothing wrong with that.”

Andy Squire: “No, 28 million who made a choice. Because 45% are repeats. They use it as contraceptives.”

Christine White: “I don’t believe in any law that tells me what I can and can’t do with my body.”

Vince Leo: “The GOP defines “religious freedom” as the freedom to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us.”

Anna Kremsreiter: “The song says it all, it all regards…the US keeps getting worse and if this is overturned, mostly because people want to enforce their beliefs onto others, I see a sinking ship called the Divided States of America.”

Marie K. Hudspeth: ”The Republicans are worried about being caught while Democrats are trying to keep women’s health rights.”

Bill Miller: “Unfortunately, most Americans think this Supreme Court decision will make abortion illegal. This decision leaves each state to make their abortion laws.”

Adelene Jones: “Abortion should remain safe and legal. No more coat hangers or knitting needles.”

Andrew Bromm: “This demonstrates the hypocrisy of the right. I guess individual liberty and government oversight only applies to guns.”

Kathleen Berg: “Punish the male that created this embryo too. Why is only the woman taking all the heat?”

Lou Vandiver: “Well, we didn’t agree with Roe V Wade being put in place. We had to deal with it. That’s what they have to do; deal with it. You know what just because they don’t agree with it does not make it constitutional.”

Charles Lindsay: “It is not the Supreme Court’s job to evaluate popular opinion. It is the job of the Supreme Court to evaluate the legality of the case before them.”

Chere Hickock: ‘I’m hoping all those people who make up the 62% VOTE!!!”

Agnes Woolford: “Supreme Court smoking some stuff. Time to take your hands off the forbidden fruits….women.”

Mike Phipps: “Need to suspend conversations around ” woman ” and ” women ” until someone steps up and defines the term…is there a biologist in the house?”

Andrew Bromm: “When you take away the rights of one group, then no one has any rights.”

Lee Rudnicki: “The Democrats are engaged in eloquent and intelligent debate, wonderful speeches based on democratic principles and a few hundreds years of American jurisprudence. Unfortunately, their Trump Cult opponents are engaged in a street fight … and they are winning.
America remains a nation of laws and one guy.”

Damon Lee: “Do people care what the Lord wants?”

Nathan J Gospodarek: “Since when did the supreme court make laws without any of the U.S. citizens approval ?” The courts are above the people now ?”

Howard Wallace: “I don’t believe these figures.”

Donny Johnston: “It should have been left up to the states to begin with.”

Bonnie Licata: ‘Killing babies is against every moral thing women are made up of! Protect yourselves ladies and you wouldn’t get into that situation!”

Steve Stein: “Doesn’t matter for 100% other people believe that abortions are OK it’s still has to go.”

Eric Turk: “Any One Whose Name Was Not Found Recorded In The Book Of Life Was Thrown Into The Lake Of Fire It’s A Real Place To Go…REVELATION 20:15.”

Sheila Henning-Adkins:“Before it’s all said and done the Republicans will destroy this country !”

Peg Heinz: “Biden is a Catholic or says he is !”