There is a story about a tragic school bus accident in which several students were killed. The ghosts of these children never crossed over, and remain on the railroad tracks to this day. This legend has captivated people from across the country, inspiring them to make the journey to the deadly intersection to experience the paranormal activity personally. Did you ever drive over the famous haunted train tracks on the southside of San Antonio at 2902 Shane Rd? Let’s talk about it …

Jay Viveros: “Me and Denise did around 20 years ago in her green GMC Jimmy.
I remember the truck rolling a little bit but we were too busy giggling and laughing so we weren’t exactly in the proper mindset, I suppose. It was still fun and interesting.”

Stacie Jo Reyes: “I’ve always wanted to try the whole baby powder thing.
I think it would be fun to take my girls there close to Halloween.”

Ernest Medellin: “I went there a few times. We did the baby powder thing and saw some fingerprints. Turns out, our own fingers will cause oil to come out and will stay on the windows and body of the car.”

Daquari Minier: “Done the tracks hundreds of times. My first time I was 10 years old and in the back of an El Camino; I was outside. I was scared to death. I heard they have since done construction to that area and it does not work any more. But that is what I have heard through the grapevine. I guess the spirits moved on. We did the Tracks, BOTH Midget Mansions (the real one and the Gillespie Mansion), Chinese Graveyard….. all those in 1979-1985. Plus badass concerts in the Hemisfair Arena. The early 80’s in SA Rocked!!!”

Charles Mario Henry: “I did in 2004 when I first moved to Texas. It was creepy!”

Cano Garza: “I was outside the car when they pushed it.”

Jerry Rowray: “I was involved in the haunted hayride at the ghost tracks for the Southside chamber of commerce. Lots of fun but lots of hard work. They have since removed the illusion of the gravity used to move the cars.”

Mark Wang: “Use to jump out and scare people!”

Sylvia Lozano: “Everytime we go to San Antonio! Once, we went with my daughter and my grandkids joined us. We went to the tracks with my grandson. He was only a toddler. He could not breathe. We had to hurry out of there. We tried it again and the same thing happened so we just left. That was very scary.”