Living in San Antonio, with its vibrant culture, rich history, and warm community, offers a unique experience. However, like any city, it comes with its own set of quirks and annoyances. Among residents, there are certain pet peeves that seem to stand out amidst the city’s charm. What is your biggest pet peeve about living in San Antonio? Let’s talk about it…

Fireball At Gocsatx:
“35N traffic.”

Charles Ragland: “San Antonio is an hour away from San Antonio in traffic!”

Willie Williams: “I lived in LA for 10 years. I will never complain about traffic, crime or living expenses again. I love SA.”

Pamela Lill: “The traffic on the freeways in San Antonio.”

Phil Ramirez: “The lack of respect many people show to one another.”

Julianna A Lopez: “The stray dogs are everywhere, and dead on the side of the road. It’s depressing.”

Stacie Jo Reyes: “Well, I feel like this town will never be finished. Also, I live right outside San Antonio and I’m SICK of farmland being sold and housing developments being built. GO AWAY!”

Rick Carter: “Potholes.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Traffic, new people to the state, construction that should have happened 15 years ago, speed traps, Karen’s, that person that blocks traffic and won’t move, nobody waves at each other anymore, nobody stops and helps anymore.”

Harriett Balhorn: “Traffic.”

Anthony C. Tobias: “People who move here from out of Texas and believe they’re automatically Texans. Everybody knows you have to live here for at least 50 years, 5 decades before you’re considered half a Texan.”

Jacob C. Garza Jr.: “All the Californians who moved in and are trying to make it like the place they left.”

Fernando Velazquez: “Our last two governors who are begging Californians to move here.”

Sticks Gaitan: “Wanting to hang with my friends so close yet so far.”

David Trujillo Arriaga: “The colonization and gentrification in our historical native Latino areas.”

Jeff Hull: “That city leaders are selling the inner city to investors and businesses that are creating apartments, homes and bringing businesses here that are not affordable or affordable living for those in the inner city. Where the poorest live.”

Dorian Joel Castro: “ALLERGIES!!! Summer suffocating heat and Marbach Edgar haircuts.”

Paul Nimnicht: “Corruption in city council.”

Fred Potter: “The streets. The streets and of course the streets unless of course you live in Stone Oak then it’s the streets in the rest of the city. POTHOLE CAPITOL…”

Glenda Elias-Rowe: “Born and raised in SA . I love home! My pet peeve is that it’s so wonderful that everyone wants to live here. And that’s why the question even needs to be asked! But gotta share this beautiful place so let’s all just get along and enjoy beautiful SA!”
Feather Ann: “Crime.”

Tami Maldonado: “The continuous focus on developing other areas of the city and ignoring the south and east sides. The south side has PAC and Texas A&M but there is a major lack of apartments, housing and businesses. We also have the missions and the riverwalk but we only get a few projects to improve our parks.”

Garrett Philbrick: “I love San Antonio! Everything’s amazing! Moved here in 2012, went to college here (go runners!), met my wife and we have a family now, own a house and we’re both school teachers! Love downtown and its history! And there’s always something to do!”

Adelina Benny Lopez: “I love my San Antonio. Lived here since I was born and raised in SA. Been to other states,and they are okay to visit and tour but not to live in. I’m Mexican American,and I love our culture. Oh and I love our SPURS.”

Nichols Medrano EC: “Lived there only for a little bit and I’d have to say the overcrowdedness, super high crime, and extremely fast driving. However, that’s beginning to be a lot more places. Still love it though and wish I could still be back home in the great state of Texas!!”

Matilda Paez: “Everyone knows each other.”

Norma Saldaña: “The heat & humidity. But I will always visit my family.”

Kristn Faubert: “The heat.”

Christina Zarbaugh-Brown: “Heat and mosquitos!!”

Bithiah Garcia: “Trigger happy people.”