I got my second vaccine- Moderna. I’m miserable. Fever, chills, body aches. I haven’t been sick in so long. Maybe it’s because I got wet in the rain. I hope with sleep and Tylenol this will be gone by morning like everyone says.. What did you go through with your second vaccine? Let’s talk about it..

Sandra Luna Perez: “That same reaction happened to me. I didn’t get a fever but I got a bad headache for two days and I would get cold then hot plus I felt nausea. Remember, this too shall pass. Just get lots of rest.”

Anita Repya: “I got sick for about 4 days, chills, body aches but no fever. I guess that’s normal I’ve been told that’s how you know it’s doing what it’s supposed to do.”

John Paul Ortiz: “Nope your body is working the vaccine. I was sick for 2 whole days. I got the shot on a Thursday – I was good Friday, Saturday and Sunday but Monday and Tuesday, I was sick like I had the flu.”

Candy Yvonne: “Yeah. That’s not normal. They say it’s expected but it’s your body trying to fight the poison injection. Eventually your immune system will be that only of the injection.”

Ernest Sanchez: I was listening to the radio a few days back and they mentioned that if you get a little sick because of the vaccine, that means that it’s a good sign; the vaccine is working!”

Rick Carter: “Reduce sugar, no alcohol, Zinc, Magnesium, Vitamin B 12, C, D, & E …. No side effects & I’m immune to the plague.”

Cindy Salinas: “Same, Moderna…2 days.”

Alex H. Coy III: “It’ll pass. Get comfortable and rest.”

Lonnie Bradley: “My symptoms were not as bad but they lasted about 48 hours after the shot.”

Jason M-b Wells: “I had the same reaction, but luckily it was only for 24 hrs. It is certainly better than the alternative!”

Tanya Flores: “This happened to a lot of my friends and family with the second shot. Hopefully, it will only last one day.”

Janie Espinoza: “Hope you feel better soon.I had the same as you for two days.”

Gary Zeinert: ”Same thing happened with me. After 24 hours I felt much better. Rest if you can.”