A City Manager oversees the administrative tasks that allow a city to operate. The City Manager is the chief executive of the city government, supervising the city’s employees and bureaucracy, while implementing and overseeing policies set by a city’s mayor and city council. City Manager Sheryl Sculley is retiring. Is this good or bad news for San Antonio? Let’s talk about it…

Al Reynosa: “ Well I think she took enough from the city to live comfortably, and I hope that we put a spending cap on the next one. And I hope that you remember that it was the Democrats who opposed putting a spending cap.”

Ruben Valdez: “What I don’t understand is how did our leaders allow a salary get so high. Why can’t we find a person from our own state. All other companies do the same, they bring in people from other cities. We will change things one vote at a time. With all the taxes we pay our town should be looking a lot nicer. Instead the city is buying real estate so they don’t have to return money back to us.”

Fernando Frescas: “ I see several posts bemoaning the fact that we won’t be able to attract the best and brightest because of these new salary restrictions. I’m confused why people are advocating for higher salaries in order to attract better candidates for the city manager position but not higher salaries to attract the best and brightest for teaching positions in our local schools.”

Sergio Rodriguez: “ I’m sorry but In a city where most people don’t make $50,000 a year, there is no reason to have a city manager who makes that a month!!”

Albert Esquivel: “People like Sergio Rodríguez only hate on her for making a great income overlooking what positive impact she had on our city. Maybe it’s jealousy or maybe it’s a lack of comprehension whatever it is we will eventually get our second tier city manager and watch our city slowly deteriorate.”

Sergio Rodriguez: “ People like Albert Esquivel hate on people like me cause we tell the truth. So you’re saying our city will never be great unless we throw more money to the city manager than the U.S President makes to run the country!?! I don’t hate her for her income, as I said before when over half of the city does not even make close to $50,000 a year. Why must these same tax payers have to shell out the equivalent of about $50,000 a month on a city manager who doesn’t even live full time in this city???
We are not even a Top 5 population city and she was making more than them.

Lisa N Jack Ybarra: “It’s about time … but then again of course she’s retiring she already did her damage and has taken all of San Antonio’s money that she could take!”

Tony Martinez: “The city passing prop A was a big mistake! For those of you who are just looking at salary and not results need to look at why council passed a salary increase two years ago from pennies to 50k per year! We by the way, are the only city in the U.S with a AAA RATING! Scully has managed to grow are city and be fiscally responsible! This means that yes even the Fire Dept needs to be fiscally responsible and do what everyone already does and pay a deductible on their ins. THIS IS A BIG BLOW TO OUR CITY!

Daisy Guzman: “The Best News San Antonio has received today, Amen “

Tasca Mills : “About time ….that was an expense we needed to get off the books!! We might be able to repair downtown sidewalks, clean up some areas in the East side, etc”

Robert Rivera: “When you are more known more for your salary as opposed to your actual accomplishments while in your position, there is something wrong, These comments are being read by this individual. She is showing them to her significant other and friends. She is also laughing all the way to the bank.”

Count R. Buckingham: “ The money train has ended.”

Aaron D. Muñoz: “ Great, I’m looking forward to the new San Antonio with a lower bond rating, higher taxes, a less than qualified city manager, and less new business coming to town but gee whiz now she don’t make as much as y’all anymore, hooray. The people who voted for this will definitely be upset when their taxes continue to go up….then who will they blame?”

Manuel Vasquez: “The city will not find a qualified person to come to our city for that pay. Unfortunately the city will move backwards not forwards. But that’s what the people want.”

Donald Vormelker: “ It’s more like….. I’m not taking a pay cut, I’ll start looking everywhere, where I can rip off another city.”

Holly Gonzalez: “ Best news the city could give us!!! Goodbye and Good Riddance!!! Now just take our Mayor with u and the city would be so much better off!”

Carol Thienpont: “ She is highest paid City Manager in Nation. We can definitely use that money elsewhere.”

Robert Benavides: “ Best city manager we’ve ever had. I’m interested to see if the the fire union now gets their contract worth millions? Not a good move. The city council has always had the power. Crazy times.”

Sue Schiller-Chavez: “Crazy times is that we allowed her to get away with what she did. Police officers are retiring because of her and her city planning.”

Gabe Gentry: “ It wasn’t the term limits issue for sure. She’s known for years that she’s hated by most. It was the salary cap. The money stopped talking so she’s about to be walking.”