Donald Trump appears to be on track to secure the Republican presidential nomination following recent victories. However, there are concerns about the allocation of donor funds, as a significant portion is being directed towards covering his escalating legal expenses. Trump’s political action committees (PACs) reportedly expended more than $55 million on legal fees in 2023 alone, amidst facing numerous lawsuits and a staggering 91 felony charges. What do you think? Let’s talk about it…

Robert Vasquez:”Too many Americans believe in Trump and that’s more than 50 million. Our last count was 331 million people in America. Even 1/4th gave him a dollar. Trump PAC is belief that America will once again ‘make America first.”

Warren Tillman: “Considering Trump’s legal bills are political attacks, his campaign can pay for them. Not one of his attackers isn’t funded or a donor for the Biden campaign. Every single court case occurs in a jurisdiction hostile to Trump. Jack Smith pulled the same crap with Bob McDonnell a few years back even down to choosing a precinct in DC that was favorable to him. He got a conviction on a bogus bribery charge only to have it nearly immediately overturned by SCOTUS. Interestingly enough McDonnell wanted to run for president and had been attacked afterwards. Then, the Tad Stevens incident where he was convicted on Election day cost him the election but overturned later with a judge demanding the prosecutor be investigated for prosecutorial misconduct for using his office for interfering in a Senate race.”

Lori Jo Meckler: “If people donate money to him, they really don’t care that that’s how he uses the donor money.”

Tony Susac: “So what? In the end, it will come out from the “special prosecutor’s” and DOJ pockets for the witch hunt they created for an innocent man.”

Robert Aldorisio: “Do people who donate to his campaigns really expect him to use the money to pay his legal bills? Is that even legal?”

Soph Locas: “Thanks to the bogus charges brought on by the Democrats.”

Ellen Garrison: “Why is he even being allowed to do this? Shouldn’t this be in violation of campaign financing laws? He has turned political contributions into a Go-Fund Me account.”

Jay Koolpix: “What a disgrace to spend the donors’ money that way! Trump is an idiot, liar and bully who tried to overthrow our democracy.”

Glenn Ferren: “He loves the poorly educated.”

Joe Gillespie: “That means much less available for the general election. Repubs must be thrilled about that.”

Marlene Helm:”Hope his minions are happy paying billionaires legal fees.”

Jesse James: “Misuse of campaign funds..again..and he’ll somehow not answer for it.”

Lisa Rall: “I really hope he bankrupts the RNC, just like he does his other businesses!”

Jonathan Webber: “Of course he did, as many predicted he would.”

Patti Paukovich: “Of course he is, he’s found cash cows and will keep milking them until they die.”

Robin Schaffer: “At least Trump can’t use donor money to pay his fines.”

Casey Middleman: “He is the type of “rich” person who keeps forgetting his wallet at home.”

Marguerite Lachatte: “His cult members would rather spend their money supporting their perverted orange Jesus than educating their offspring.”

Stacy Carpentier Santarone:”How the F is that legal ?!”

Lee Di Pinto: “But I thought he was a multi billionaire, can’t he afford his legal bills?”

Kevin Scanlon: “And his legal expenses are only beginning. Still waiting on Judge Engoron’s financial penalty in the New York Bank and Tax Fraud case estimated to be in the hundreds of millions.”