What are your thoughts on this situation? Do you find yourself adjusting the tip when someone appears to be overly friendly towards your spouse, or do you tend to overlook it, considering that they might be doing so in the hopes of receiving a larger tip?
Rosie Speedlin Gonzalez:”Don’t all Texas waitresses call patrons Sugar, Honey or Sweetheart?”

Anna Martinez Rodriguez: “Good tip!!!!!”

Nell Kibirige: “I mean it’s petty, but we don’t know if the waitress only called the husband sweetheart and ignored the wife, in which case it might’ve caused the wife to feel disrespected.”

Rebecca Hirshman: “I’ve been a waitress – and no, you never call a husband sweetheart. Or anyone really. I would always give the wife attention and joke with her, so she never felt disrespected or ignored. The wives always told husbands to leave me big tips because of it. I personally would get upset with the waitress for being flirtatious with my husband.”

Addie Austin: “I mean in the south that’s just how alot of people talk.”

Monica Estrada Medina: “I have worked in the service industry before and this is not cool. Unless she was outright flirting with him, I don’t agree.”

Janie Saravia: “Get over yourself. Work on your jealousy.”

Savannah Compton: “I live in the south… I don’t think I’ve ever had a waitress that didn’t call my husband darlin or sweetheart.”

Chris Castillo: “If the server is nice, attentive and provides great customer service, let them be themselves. I’d rather have a happy flirtatious (no hands on) server than one that hates their job and never checks on you. We went to a restaurant some years back and the waitress would only talk to me, like my wife wasn’t there. My wife noticed and said, ‘hey if she’s going to bring us our order faster, go ahead and take one for the team.’ Hilarious.”

Cindy Gene Bustamante: “If they’re equally sweet to both it’s fine, but I am the one that decides the tip amount…so it would be financially beneficial to flirt with me instead of just him.”

Phillip Alexander Alfaro: “Both?”

Laura Arellano: “Someone is insecure! I would sit there with a cheesy smile and tease the hell outta my hubby lol (once she walked away). I loved it when women compliment my man or woman. It shows that they are shining bright. Never dim anyones light!!!”

Carey Calvert: “Can’t believe this cat is with a chick like that.”

Chris R. Pelayo: “If the waitress is named Jolene, just accept defeat.”

Amanda Cena: “Wife is insecure.”

Beverly Brooks: “Screams insecurity to me. Even if there was a hint of anything inappropriate or if she got her feathers ruffled by it, why not just politely ask the waitress not to do that? At least then the waitress has the opportunity to continue to do her job and fix her ‘mistake,’ and not for free.”

Deborah Idar Bond: “Seems like whoever wrote this was feeling threatened. Or maybe they were a cheapskate. Lol. So many people in Texas talk like that, I’d be ok with it.”

Jay Viveiros: “If I was that husband, I’d probably apologize and slip them a $10 on the way out. You should have the mental capacity to understand the difference between flirting and someone who is just very nice/sweet natured. I guess it may depend on the context but this is just my opinion.”

Sticks Gaitan: “Too weird!! This exact thing happened to me…. wow!!!”