I overheard a conversation yesterday. “I think it is Trump who caused these massive hate crimes. First of all, Trump blamed China by calling the virus the “Kung Flu” “Asian Flu” And Even saying that “China created the virus.” Asian hate crimes have risen to 886% in 2020 alone.” Do you think this is true? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Lydia Curran: “Hell yes!”

Patrick Southard: “Who is committing these hate crimes? It’s pretty easy to figure out. Just look for the word “white” in the report. If you don’t see it, then it didn’t fit the media’s agenda so they excluded race.”

Richard Perez: “Here’s how I see it, and again just my personal opinion; Trump made some statements, the PRESS, magnified those remarks by consistently saying he was encouraging hate speech. Once a view is repeated 1000 times it becomes fact whether or not it’s the original intent. If you “Blame” Trump for the words you must “Blame” the press for the spreading and advocating of the hate. Even Hitler used Otto Dietrich and Joseph Goebbels. Without the power of the press, his words would not have had the same influence.”

Frank Burton: “Well it certainly didn’t help… He failed in his charge of leading the country as a unifying force for we the people and the fallout is just more proof.”

Carmen Madariaga: “PROPAGANDA! Just another smoke screen to distract from our eroding amendment rights under this “administration.” The virus was in fact originated in China. That is a fact! It has nothing to do with race. It has to do with the depopulation agenda.”

Thomas Mc: “People who think Trump had no hand in this have no concept of the power of speech from a leadership position. Whether it was Hitler or Pol Pot, or Ghandi or Lee Iacocca, words matter and they will lead people, especially undereducated people in certain directions

Julian Jackson: “Trump doesn’t have that much control of anything. Never did. The mainstream media leads the sheep!”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Pretty sure this is media driven. Asian is the minority group of the year.”

Jeff Hull: “No. I think he opened the door that allowed others to more freely express their hate and discrimination but its nothing new. Unfortunately these types of individuals have always been around and have always treated immigrants as less than. If you got back to WWII. Japanese and Japanese Americans were put in encampments. So it’s nothing new. Trump just brought it out in the open.”

Katrina Wilson: “It’s all an ongoing issue that’s been going on too far and for too long. It’s time for people of color to be heard. It’s time for us to be seen as one instead of being categorized into a minority. My daughter will be raised Black/Asian and proud. I refuse to let her live in fear and on edge because of her skin.”

Billy Violet: “Where have you been? This is not a new problem. I mean, I’m not even surprised by the incident at this point. This is the world we live in. White Supremacy reigns in America, and White Terrorism is socially accepted.”

Seneca Cruz: “A majority of Asians I’ve encountered are usually some of the sweetest people I’ve ever met and so kind. This is very sad. I’m also extremely disturbed at how many people just looked on instead of helping them.”

Sean Meas: “Some of them assume all Asian are CHINESE.Why did they try to attack the new generation Asian? Bet that would be the last mistake they ever make in their life. Don’t go out there and attack some old senior citizens.”

Sunita Kharkongor: “Believe it or not. Trump is behind all this. “

MJ Toom: “Let’s be honest, the racist people on Earth are Asian. Believe it or not 97% of them are racist. What happened days ago, that was very wrong against any race. However Asians should change the way they treat others. Stop acting innocent now.”

Stephanie Rude: “ It sounds very much staged to create hatred. Democrats are good at creating divisions.”

Kevin Trieu: “As quoted from a post: “I’m only here to tell you, we’re here, and we do speak, and we do support, we’re just not who you’re paying attention to because no one has paid attention to us. And that’s ok, we gotta learn how to stand on our own. If you support, I appreciate it with my entire heart and soul, and if you don’t because you feel resentment by the experiences you’ve had with asian people, then that’s ok. I’m not mad at you for your experiences because that’s what happened to you to feel that way. I just ask you to see that not everyone is like that…” If you still feel some type of way about us Asians in general just because of what you’ve chosen to hear and not hear then that is okay. I am not here to start beef with you or talk stuff. Just trying to have you see the bigger picture. Like I said, Peace and One Love from me”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “He called it the China virus which is basically correct. Is it offensive for us to eat Chinese Candies? They are not made in China, they make your eyes slant cuz they are sour. How about labeling foods as chinese or mexican? Trump had every right to blame China!! It originated there. When he tried to close travel, the democrats opposed even going as far as going to ChinaTown and saying the situation was not serious. They opposed Trump until they figured out they could use it against him. And when the economy bounced back faster and better than any economist thought. They played it harder for bigger shutdowns. Only two states were on total lockdown. Both states in shambles. Who cares who said what or where? Focus on the criminals within the democratic party.”

Jerry Rowray: “I think all of this hate for Asian people comes from about 2% of people in this country. Unfortunately most epidemics seem to come from one area or the other. (Aids – Africa…Sars – Japan . What some people don’t know is the last worldwide pandemic) the Spanish flu 1918 came from the same area of north China. Haters will always hate in their own small minds.”

Darwin Walker: “Yes he is the cause of it.”

La Prensa Texas stands with our Asian family against the senseless attacks on their community. Racism and hate are pandemics that we all must fight to eradicate. It starts with listening to communities of color; planning and organizing to support, speaking out about the problems, and actively working on the solutions. We are in this together. Spread the love, stop the hate…