This week, a federal district judge ordered the State of Texas to move the buoys currently placed in the Rio Grande River to the Texas side of the riverbank. The Department of Justice filed a lawsuit against Greg Abbott after news broke that the State of Texas and DPS deployed these devices that can, and have, killed people crossing the river. Do you agree that they should’ve been removed? Let’s talk about it..

Roy Cruz: “Scoot em over but NOT removed…. Not supposed to be crossing illegally… Knowing the danger, they did it anyway. It’s not like a rabbit that doesn’t know any better just wanting food and gets caught in a snare.”

Blake Cosgray: “Whatever keeps these invaders at bay. Plant some mines next.”

Donna Wooten: “They should be removed.”

Vicki Marzocco: “It’s barbaric. What’s the matter with Abbot? He’s sick in the head like most of the sick Republicans.”

Leo Sh: “Lol…Medieval torture devices seem tame. Such a Xtian thing to do and think of!”

Marta Lopez: “Abbott is a White Christian Nationalist, home grown terrorist MAGA Cult member!!! He is not above the law!!”

Gale Zimm: “Horrendous.. They need to be taken down immediately.”

Daniel Cox: “Build more.”

Mike Mattli: “An honest judge in Texas, upholding the law.”

LJ Slater: “Greg Abbott is a murderer.”

Nora Englander: “Don’t do it… Governor Abbott needs to flip DC, the double Birds! And, that Judge needs to be immediately arrested for Treason!”

April Weeks: “Don’t budge Abbott.”

Dustin Burrows : “We will not be deterred in keeping Texas citizens safe where the Biden Administration has failed. The State of Texas is prepared to take this matter all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court! COME AND TAKE IT!”

Debbie Fields: “So what about the welded open gates of the wall? They are going to undo that too or will that be the humane way to come in illegally.”

Denisse Santana: “Good…inhumane AF.”

Texas Security Agency K9 protection: “Not going to happen.”

Rob Esquivel: “Did the governor save his receipt for this purchase?”

John Edward: “The judge breaking the law the federal government is obligated to protect every state against an invasion, and when the federal government fails to do so and there is “imminent danger” to the states, then the states have the right to defend themselves and their citizens.”

Joel Tatt: “The government is a joke.”

Liz Miller: “If only Steve Bannon hadn’t stolen all the money he raised to finish the wall that the 4x indicted ex-president promised Mexico would pay for.”

Elizabeth Courtade: “There will be an appeal. That barrier isn’t going anywhere.”

Rudy Rodriguez: “Texas, you gonna let a federal judge tell you what to do?”

Tjay Almendarez: “These people usually just want to live a better life. Why not let them enjoy ‘gR34t 4m3RiKa.’ They just come to escape their realities only to be told NO.”

Robert Lozano: “Not to worry Joe! Maybe you’ll get 10% of what Mexican Drug Lords make. Then you and Hunter can split it. Of Course the illegals are happy because now their family can now swim over.”

Jason Galeener: “Take the case to a higher court. Maybe the Supreme Court can make the current administration follow the law on immigration.”

Kevin Anthony: “Over a quarter million Americans have been killed by illegal drug overdoses and fentanyl poisoning since the Biden Regime took power and gave control of the border to the Mexican Drug Cartels.”

Linda Traynor: “What an absolute burn on Abbott!”

James Rockwell: “Texas needs to withdraw from the United States and become its own country. They have enough oil to support themselves. They would be better off.”

Antonio G. Barrios: “If republicans owned businesses and republicans in gated communities quit hiring illegal immigrants then they wouldn’t come and republicans wouldn’t have to try to injure them at the border.”

Jon Waldron: “It’s crazy how Democrats would rather help illegals cross illegally than to protect Americans. It’s sad what they are doing to this country.”

Michael Branchfield: “This was an inevitable outcome. Obama sued Arizona for similar and won. Immigration is the responsibility of the federal government. Which now sets Texas up to sue the feds for dereliction.”

Oscar Goldman: “Biden is required to defend the US from foreign invasion.”

Kyle Weyer: “It’s funny to watch people whose ancestors stole the land to begin with think it’s theirs. Hysterical if it didn’t make actual humans nauseous.”

Andy Doerring: “Build the wall.”