The Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous decision that former President Trump cannot be kicked off the Colorado primary ballot over his actions leading up to the Capitol riot. As the nation continues to grapple with the aftermath of the Capitol riot and its implications for American democracy, the Supreme Court’s decision serves as a reminder of the enduring resilience of the nation’s institutions and the rule of law. Do you think times have changed and with it there should be changes made to qualifications for being President? Let’s talk about it…

Robert Vasquez: “#VoteTrump the lobbyists hate Trump. The pronoun / Covid groups need a reality check.”

Kenneth Raymond: “Can you believe they would even try to stop anyone from running for President or any political positions!! This is a crime! They are scared of him because Americans have a true patriot who is for the American people and isn’t afraid of all these corrupt politicians who get rich creating policies that hurt our well being! And they don’t abide by the laws they create! Think about that. The politicians don’t have to pay taxes from their salary. And Trump will stop them from their corrupt money laundering! Just look at their bank accounts, go in poor by first year and politicians have millions in their accounts. How is that possible if their salary is about $200,000? Think about it. Why are they so desperate to get Trump out? No political government has ever tried so hard to put another president in jail, sue him or any other actions against a president ever in the history of the world. Why would they do that? It should be Biden and Obama behind bars because they have created chaos and have committed treason against all Americans!”

Cheryl Hansen: “It’s his Supreme Court! Doing what he wants!”

Valerie Lee: “He only praises those who agree with him! He’d be slamming them if they didn’t and that’s what they’re afraid of.”

Walt Long: “A president should be free…a criminal should not. Deciding which has precedence defines us as a country.”

Andrew Bosse: “The Supreme Court essentially defanged the 14th Amendment—just a historical relic now.”

Brian Womer: “It’s nice to see some good news for once.”

Peter Lieberman: “A president has to not be a criminal.”

Gail Galvan Noren: “It’s amazing how 45 other presidents seemed to manage governing this country without having immunity.”

Ceresa Salter: “The court has been corrupted by the Republicans!”

Hank Rennar: “A good day for democracy…”

David Roach: “Good decision, Trump can’t win he has already lost 30% of Republicans, his ongoing trials will erode his support further.”

Gonzalez Yuniel: “A president shouldn’t commit treason.”

Zach Spencer: “His ‘freedom’ wasn’t what was decided on – it was if a state had the power to take him off the ballot.”

Al Singer: “The Republican Party should have deemed him unqualified. The rednecks fawn over him, the rest of them want low taxes. Unbelievable that so many numb-skulls ignore what he did after the 2020 election. I understand the Supreme Court’s enigma here. All these reluctant jurists are just setting up for another round of Trump mischief. His father had the right idea…sending this antisocial narcissist to military school. It did him no good, however.”

Sean Broussard: “YAYYYYY AMERICA.”

Jason Ellis: “All the dissension of the Supreme Court’s decision should be ONE question; Had they allowed it to stand, it would create an unconstitutional precedent in that ANY State, really for ANY reason, could bar a person from seeking office. Think of it this way, would you support your State if the roles were reversed, keeping Biden off the ballot for mental incapacity? The Supreme Court slammed the lid shut on a Pandora’s box that would never have been able to be closed. Very wise decision.”

Rodger Jennings: “Glad to see they ruled 9-0!I live in Illinois and some judge violated my constitutional right to vote who I wanted to. I’m not saying I would vote for Trump but removing him from the ballot is taking my voting rights away. So happy they ruled this way because if they hadn’t it would turn into a slippery slope for different ways to stop ANY candidate to be removed.”

Chris Vaccari: “America is not a dictatorship. The people deserve to vote for who they want. Thank you US Supreme Court.”

Mark Hornbaker: “Ahhhh I love the smell of freedom in the morning, it’s the smell of success! 9-0 = 1 step closer to free and fair elections!!!”