Do you think Ted Cruz’s rhetoric contributed to the Capitol riot? How do you feel about him representing you as a Texan? Do you think Ted Cruz should resign? Let’s talk about it.

Frank Burton: “Of course he did and so did everyone who promoted the same narrative. He added to the fire because of the influence of his position.”

Richard Perez: “The problem has been and will always be interpretation right. People on the left “Want” to hear his words as inflammatory, while people on the Right “Want” to hear them as not. The reality is that ALL people interpret what they hear in their own way. Personally, I haven’t heard one thing from any one politician saying “Attack the Capital”. Then again, I was never looking to hear that. Now should he resign, NO. The PEOPLE of Texas get to make that choice next election period.”

Patrick Southard: “No. I read what he said and nowhere in there did say overthrow the government. He stated that people were disenfranchised and if you want people to have faith in the system, show them they are wrong by at least hearing them and why they “think” or feel it was “stolen”.

Steven Espinoza:”No contribution to the riots whatsoever. He does well enough to get re-elected, which is always the litmus test for good representation. AOC failed to unify with her sad retort. She’s positioned so well to do great things and chooses to sow more division. Oh well! Opportunity lost on her end.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I’ve watched the videos and read the stories. I personally feel that there were issues with the election, and as a representative of me, I expect him to continue to push for transparency and more stringent voting requirements. I do not believe he incited any riots with what he said, I don’t think he should resign. That’s for us, the voters, to decide on the next election.”

Ernest Sanchez: “The Republicans’ problem is their ability to talk about the truth, it’s the opposing party to figure out how to reverse their (Republicans) way of thinking. Let’s make one thing clear, the U.S. Capital was attacked. It’s our leaders responsibility to figure out how to come together as one party:The American Party!”

Thomas Mc: “There were plenty of speeches and him talking to crowds, filling their heads with bull about a stolen election, about their votes being marginalized, about how if democrats take over it would doom the country. When you talk to a highly uneducated crowd who is already riled up, stupidity will follow .”

Patrick Trevino: “Ted Cruz had a lot to do with it just like Trump. Cruz needs to resign.”

Victor Saravia:
“They all need to go.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr. “No, he did not contribute. Yes, I want him to represent me. No, he should not resign.”

Jerry Escobedo: “He is a two face POS.”

Mark Alfaro: “Both parties are all guilty of inciting reactions to their weak minded followers.”

Tom Shattuck: “I’d vote for him again!”

Jesus Tello: “Yep he needs to go. Spineless as hell.”

Manny Santana Montilla:
“Resign. Cuban son of an immigrant and he is against immigration, along with the other douche bag from Florida little Marco. Ain’t nothing wrong with being cuban, but when you’re a hypocrite and a treasonous douche, that is what makes you the worst.”

Gregory Peterson: “He wants to be one of the boys and will never be. He needs to be charged with murder.”

Sue Hopkins: “Ted stands up for what is right for our country. AOC needs to go back to her country.”

Denise Roberts: “I totally agree with AOC. I’m seeing posts of brown people saying Pence stepped up. No he didn’t. He still has to answer for his crime and participation relating to his 4 years in office and his relations to that riot at the capitol.”

Greg Settles: “Cruz, McConnell, Ryan and the rest of the Trump cult must be removed, resign, quit, whatever from office and not allowed to hold any public service ever again.”

Simone Simone: “Politics have always been dirty, but it’s gone to whole new levels!”

Susan Wagner: “He is and has been dangerous for our Country. He is for himself only.”

Thecia Robinson: “Ok let’s remember everyone can speak their opinions, the key here is stop allowing them to continue to divide us. We all belong here, just like we visit other countries that I so miss doing. We can learn a lot from one another. Some of us have so much anger and don’t even know why. This whole country is feeling unrest right now. Let’s focus on regaining what has been taken from us. If we research things, we all will find some common ground.”

Wallace Haynes: “He needs to change his last name. He is doing a great disservice to his Latin Roots.”