Louisiana has become the first state to require that the Ten Commandments be displayed in every public school classroom. Opponents questioned the law’s constitutionality and vowed to challenge it in court. Proponents said the measure is not solely religious, but that it has historical significance. In the language of the law, the Ten Commandments are “foundational documents of our state and national government.” Do you think this is a good idea? Let’s talk about it…
EV: “We have ‘In God We Trust’ on all our currency. God is in our constitution ‘One Nation Under God…’ Everyone has to take an oath, using a bible, before giving testimony in court. For those that want to remove God, go ahead, then what do you fill that void with?”

Robert Vasquez: “I despise indoctrination of any kind. Religion does not belong in our school systems. Let the parents teach their children based on their way of life, culture. I do appreciate the “LAWS” of God but I will never force my way of life down the throats of our youth.”

David Trujillo Arriaga: “What a waste of funds. Indoctrination at its finest. Why push your beliefs or religions on others? Be what you want to be. Let everyone else do the same. If the person that these same people want for POTUS doesn’t follow nor respect these commandments, why even have them?”

Amanda Cena: “Once the pledge of allegiance and prayer were removed from schools this country spiraled quickly. The way we live on this planet wasn’t in God’s plan. Humans ruined it. It’s no different with companies forcing their employees to identify who they think they are, churches that honor Satan, protests/rallies, etc. This entire world needs these reminders. I don’t see this as a religion but a way of living. Let’s imagine no killing, watching children honor their parents, marriages respecting each other, honoring our Maker, etc. And if you don’t believe in Him that is your choice, because that is exactly what He gives us are choices. If you don’t like the signs then teach your children how you see fit. Tell them to not read the signs or live by them.”

Queta Rodriguez: “100 % against this. The Ten Commandments are based on Christianity, and it’s a violation of our Constitution, which explicitly calls for the Separation of Church and State. I can see this being challenged in court and being a waste of taxpayer dollars. Religion should be taught at home, not in public schools.”

Robin T Bedolla: “In my Christian belief that people abused these commandments for generations. It’s not too late for the younger generation to learn depending on belief. I think it’s a good idea, but again the devil is at work and someone will graffiti the commandments.”

Erin Ortega: “Forcing religious beliefs on people is not right. I thought we were supposed to be free. I personally don’t believe in fairy tales.”

John Saint John: “Why not right…Since all the crap that is going right now amongst children that everyone should be protecting.”

Rose De La Fuente: “Well considering that they fly the United States Flag and then there are others who want the Mexican flag flying as well. I don’t agree with the Mexican flag flying in the United States but considering how many Mexicans and illegals are here…looks like I’ll have no voice in the matter either. Now for the 10 Commandments…I went to several schools when I was younger (traveling due to my father being in the military ) and I can remember seeing it…but it wasn’t forced on me or others but maybe this generation is getting lost and maybe just maybe trying to reach out to them so our prison isn’t going to be extremely packed.”

Simon Ortega: “A moment of silence for students is good enough. But imposing on one’s Freedom of Religion is against Our Constitution. Religion is a Freedom of choice. The Constitution is Our Doctrine of Laws to protect Our Freedoms and its Democracy. So no.”

Monica Mendez: “Some of these comments are ridiculous. Probably the same people that believe in pronouns. So quick to be against the idea because it’s “religious”. How about looking at it as a structure? That’s what this whole country is lacking. Everyone is quick to knock on what could be good for our future generations. If you’re a parent why wouldn’t you want your child to abide by these rules. No one is throwing a bible at your kids. BS comments about it being against our constitution, our country was founded by people that believed in some kind of Christianity. Everyone here gets paid with American dollars that clearly says “In God We Trust ”. With all the crazy stuff going on and everything else your kids are exposed to, maybe not from your household but ask yourself how many kids in your child’s school could really use this because they lack discipline and structure at home. Of all things you can worry about this is ruffling your feathers?!? So Heck yeah! I can’t wait to see this happen. Bring faith, religion, structure, and discipline back. God is Good.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Outstanding.”

Frank Burton: “Nope. Religion shouldn’t be forced on people. We literally fought wars in the middle east over this, yet here we are. Separation of church and state was put there for a reason by the founding fathers as many came here to escape religious persecution. If you follow a religion those rules are meant for you, not people that may not have chosen to follow it. People have got that so messed up in this country because they want to get that religious vote. For those that agree with it, should they post the same thing from other religions? Pretty sure what you’re going to say is why they wanted that separation there to begin with. It’s a private matter between you and God. Stop dragging people unwillingly into your choices. Ok, I’m going to say 20 Hail Marys now.”

Carolina Roberts: “Great job!!!”

Jeff Hull: “Why live in the Old Testament? Christ was sent to renew things and gave us the one commandment that encompasses them all. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. People have trouble with Christ’s one commandment, much less ten.”

Beto Medrano” The book burners now want the commandments on the wall.”

Amy Martinez: “If others can have what they believe or what they want to be called, even their own month then what’s the problem? People will ignore it if they want like everything else.”

Blue Rose Alvarez: “Many of man’s laws come from God’s commandments.”

Charles Mario Henry: “As a Christian and Catholic of course I think that it’s an amazing win for Christianity but as Americans we can not force religious beliefs in public schools where all religions are practiced. Those displays are for private Christian schools not for public. God bless America.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Absolutely. We have the Ten Commandments posted in every building in my district.”

Charles Edward Rodriguez: “Very bad idea.”

Erica Missey: “I honestly thought this was a joke at first glance – wow.”

Richard Medellin: “This is why there should be a separation of church and state respected by the First Amendment.”

Rene C Resendez: “I disagree.”