U.S. Representative Joaquin Castro (TX-20) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling on Texas law SB8:

“Under the shadow of night, the Supreme Court enabled an unconstitutional assault on women’s rights in Texas. For nearly half a century, Roe v Wade has been the law of the United States. There is no doubt that Republican’s goal with SB8, and soon copycat legislation across the nation, is to overturn almost 50 years of precedent and strip away a woman’s constitutional right to safe and legal abortion.”
“The consequences of the Supreme Court’s decision will be horrific for the women of Texas, particularly for Black women, Latinas, and women with lower income. The Court has allowed the most oppressive anti-abortion law to go into effect, negatively impacting millions of women. Most women do not even know they are pregnant after six weeks. This law seeks to interfere with every aspect of a woman’s life, by not only empowering, but also incentivizing strangers with a mere speculation of a violation of SB8 and with a $10,000 bounty to insert themselves in the middle of a woman’s most personal and private decision. Millions of women in Texas will now be denied access to critical health care, and there is not even an exception for incest or rape.”
“As Justice Sotomayor articulated in her dissent, SB8 is “a flagrantly unconstitutional law engineered to prohibit women from exercising their constitutional rights …[and] a majority of Justices have opted to bury their heads in the sand.”
What do you think? Should a woman have the right to choose? Is 6 weeks enough time to find out if you are pregnant and if you can keep the child? Let’s talk about it…

Thomas Mc: “This is nothing but showboating in Abbott and other GOP. This will be challenged to the Supreme Court and I believe will be struck down. Abortion is SETTLED law! No one is forced to get one. If you don’t believe in it, don’t get one. The US should not be run by the religious beliefs of what is fast becoming a minority in the country. Abott and his morons know this, but this way they get to look like some evangelical knights and say they did their best to appeal to undereducated voters who know little to nothing about biology. Every “Christian” against abortion should show the receipts of how they plan to support every child born to economically challenged mothers, and lose the right to complain about welfare systems. This is just stupid on every level.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “The right to an abortion is not guaranteed by the constitution. I am pro-life and believe life begins at conception. And the “what about rape or incest” is fallacy – it accounts for one percent of abortions nationwide. That being said, if you are not planning pregnancy, you may not know you are pregnant at six weeks. It’s not my job to choose what a woman decides to do with an unplanned pregnancy, nor do I know her situation. This law isn’t going to stop abortions. It’s going to bring back abortion butchers in back alleys. This is not going to be good for women.”

Kelly Narvaez: “This is just disgusting and nobody other than the woman herself should be able to have power over her own body. All you pro-lifers can adopt and cover all the costs of these children prior to and after birth these women and children are FORCED to carry unwillingly. Rapists, incest, medically challenged. Pro-lifers can even be responsible for the funeral costs if the birth mother dies during delivery because the government says it wasn’t medically necessary. Plus, you pro-lifers can cover all the psychiatric visits during and after for all the mental anguish you have enforced on said woman and children that had to endure a pregnancy by their rapists, or worse incest. You can also pay for the funeral expenses for those individuals who end up committing suicide because the depression and mental anguish was too much to bare knowing they were forced to carry a child, knowing the odds of living beyond the woman did not exist. I do not agree with abortion, however nobody has the right to tell me I have to have a child, and I’m a mother of 3 and have miscarried 3.”

Carmen Madariags: “It’s not her body being mutilated and murdered. It is the body of an innocent, HELPLESS baby. This is what is horrible, not a law to prevent the mutilation death of the unborn. Is the dis-membering a human body fully capable of feeling pain ok with you? As tragic as rape and incest are, they represent 1 percent of abortions. I personally know a lady, a victim of rape, who had her child. She and he love each other with a profound bond. Murder for hire is every citizen’s business! I also have several friends who adopted children who were going to be aborted, again amazingly grateful families. The BLOODBATH OF OVER 65 MILLION INNOCENT, HELPLESS BABIES LEGALLY SLAUGHTERED has cursed our nation. As CREATOR, GOD THE FATHER says,’ YA! BASTA!’ Have you noticed the deteriorated state of our nation? We all have a soul. We all will die one day. We all will answer to ALL MIGHTY GOD. We all will spend eternity in Heaven or Hell, and that dear, is a real “choice”! May the light of mercy shine upon you before your day of Judgement!”

Juan Herrera: “Just remember – normal case law provides that when an individual brings suit against another (you know, to get a $10k bounty for example) those records are public. I would imagine those who would go after providers, those who offer aid, etc, are very proud of their actions. Let’s help them brag and spread their info everywhere so everyone will know exactly who they are. Let’s see how that works out for them.”

Lydia Curran: “Disgusting. They’re setting us back to the Stone Age!!! It is a woman’s right to do with what she wants to do with her body, no one else’s. End of story. There are some cases where the child will be severely deformed and will have no quality of life. I have seen that for sure, and the parent doesn’t have the finances to care for this child . I know a person who had a child who was severely handicapped, didn’t even know he existed, and she said if she knew his life was going to be like that, she would’ve aborted the child. He died when he was 27. All those years laying in a bed, not knowing he even existed, he was a vegetable and she was a nurse. What if she does not believe in God? (or even if she does, it’s her decision.) It’s a waste of your time and breath, so you might as well forget it. You people think you know it all. You don’t know what others go through when they have a handicapped child with no money and nobody there to help them. You can pray all you want, but she has to live it . There are all kinds of horrible things that happen in this world, so don’t tell me what you think. It doesn’t matter. Just save it. There are going to be a lot of deaths because women will get abortions one way or another, illegally or by themselves. Look it up. That is why I say it’s putting us back into the stone ages. Women put hangers inside of them to have an abortion, or take pills, or throw themselves down the stairs to get rid of an unwanted child. God knows what they will do to get abortions. So, at least when it was made legal, they would get it done by professional doctors. Don’t get me started with this bounty hunting tactic that they’re going to use!”