The announcement has been made to end the Covid-19 mandates by Governor Abbott. What do you think? Is it time to end the mask mandate? Is it still too soon? Let’s talk about it…

Lonnie Bradley: “Most people around here don’t wear them anyway.”

Carolina Roberts: “Again, needs to be out of office.”

Steven Espinoza: “Let him do it, and let the voters decide his fate.”

Benjamin Godina: “Are we back to COVID, just want to make sure we’re past SnoVID?”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “It’s about damn time.”

Louis Forte: “Abbott is by far a medical expert. He needs to start listening to the medical experts that are highly advising to continue to wear masks. I really do not give a damn what Abbott says and will continue to listen to the people that know this virus. Remember, not too long ago, Texas opened up bars, restaurants too quick and remember the spike? Guess what, that was Gov. Abbott’s doing!”

Will Rountree: “Only if we need to raise the number of cases and deaths! The virus mutates all the time and new variants keep arising to bypass our immune defenses. This may make vaccinations less effective. Vaccine makers are now working on booster shots to fight these mutations so this may be a never-ending battle.”

Darrell Davidodetchenstein: “Just as new mutations come on to the scene and the number of vaccinations is dismal. Further proof that the Republican party is a demonic death cult.”

Rhonda Teal: “Not only will I not be listening to this governor, I won’t shop at any establishment the does not follow the guidelines set forth by the CDC… this is ridiculous & the Media should be ashamed of itself, for not adding a safety disclaimer to this foolishness… o I forgot must of you have gotten the vaccine.”

Pete Paul: “There are some “experts” that would have you in lockdown wearing masks until the end of time. God save our kids.”

Henry Lott: “He’s just trying to change the subject cause he is part of the electric grid debauchery!”

Jusme Monami: “The % of Texans who are fully vaccinated is too low right now. Wearing a mask HELPS. He should double-down on the focus and speed of getting the vaccines into the arms of Texans who want. Next push educational communications to areas that show people who are hesitant to take it because they don’t trust the reliability or safety of the vaccines. Knowledge is power. The more knowledge people have the more power they have in making better informed decisions.”

Flerida Torres: “Every person is responsible for their safety at the end of the day. At this point everyone should know what to do. It doesn’t bother me to wear a mask.”

Pamela Karr Lockhart: “Good!! There has been no proof that the mask works!”

Vivian Carreño: “So will the governor’s mansion be open for a tour and no masks required? Asking for a couple covid19 positive patients?”

Ruth Barron: “NO NO NOT YET!!! You’ve done enough damage with your failing leadership!”

Erica Sanchez Zertuche: “He just wants us all to die. First lax covid restrictions, then he put ERCOT in charge and now no masks? Great…”

Floyd Guidry: “Horrible idea. But Abbott has been full of horrible ideas the last year and a half. This ain’t even a democrat vs republican issue either. Democrats should be licking their chops to try and tap him, Cruz and Patricks spots. Republicans should be lining up as well to primary these clowns out of there.”

Marta Gonzalez: “I would love for that to be over to wear the mask because I have trouble breathing with it.”

Danaisa Kitchens: “I haven’t worn one since the beginning so please end it and if you want to wear one then do it, but for those who choose to breathe freely let us.”

Michelle Powers Page: “Doesn’t he have other things to worry about. The mask ain’t broke, no need to fix it! Now the power grid is another story.”

Ashley Whetstone: “Too soon. Clearly he didn’t learn from the last time.”

Tina Stafford: “WE ALL STILL NEED MASK TILL THE WORLD HAS BEEN VACCINATED. If we see someone not wearing a mask we leave that place. It stays in the air up to 6 feet so that means that person has made that whole area up safe.”

Faith Young: “Too soon…what’s the rush?”

Rhonda Watson: “Listen to Scientists and Doctors NOT wealthy Texas businessmen. Only 5.1 % of Texans are vaccinated. There are 5 variants of the virus in Houston. Don’t lift the mask mandate yet! Remember last year you opened bars too early and there was a surge that took lives. Yes, things are improving but we are not there yet.”