Thanksgiving is a national holiday in the United States and Canada that celebrates the blessings of the past year. In both Canada and America, family and friends gather for a meal on Thanksgiving. Traditions include turkey, cranberries, and pumpkin pie. Parades and football games are also associated with Thanksgiving.What is your favorite thing about thanksgiving? Let’s talk about it…

Jeffery Page: “Food, family, and football.”

Starrlynda Coulter: “Family and friends.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Family, friends, and ham.”

Roger Reyna: “The Food Coma.”

Michelle Rushing: “Stuffing.”

Irma Iris Vasquez: “Dressing and a side of cranberry.”

Jose Carrasquillo El Padrino: “I get all my grandkids in my house except those out of town.”

Deborah Bond: “Being with family and not thinking about anything else.”

Maria Cedillo: “Food, family and friends.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Before eating, we gather around the table to say grace and we each say what we are thankful for. As we are eating we are also reminiscing about the good times we had with my parents who we dearly miss. Lots of laughter and time to play games like Loteria, UNO,Sip-po etc… Then we eat dessert. Ok I just love the whole day of Thanksgiving.”

Gene A. Gomez: “Family, Food, Football.”

Gloria Vivian: “Cranberry with turkey.”

Diana H Tello: “Family and friends.”

Annabelle Perez Martinez: “Our tradition of family celebration has taken on a new meaning this year. My parents are in hospice nearing the end of their journey. We are treasuring every second of every day. Treasure family.”

Irene V. Zertuche: “Family!”

Kimmie Canales: “Family.”

Orosie Ogirl: “EVERYONE AT MY HOME.”

Johnny Guerra: “Loved ones that will not be around the table this year. It won’t be the same. God bless everybody and may they have a safe and Happy Thanksgiving.”

Mackie Coons: “Turkey sandwiches.”

Chris R. Pelayo: “Turkey.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Thanksgiving reminds me of my mom and granny. It was her mother’s birthday- we always celebrated her birthday at Thanksgiving. This year, I am the last of my family so it means more. Eric and I are the elders now.”

Arianna Guerrero: “Of course, Family and Friends and Food!!!”

Teresa Velasquez: “Thanksgiving is a great time to reunite with loved ones and catch up — over a delicious meal, of course!”

Ann Arriaga: “My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is having all my children, my grandchildren, my husband all together and eating as much as they want because I cook lots of goodies. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!”

Denise Rodriguez: “When my kids were little, they were so grateful for everything I did for them and gave them. My sacrifices never went unnoticed nor was I judged for them. Thanksgiving was their favorite. They would help prepare the meal the day before. Now, the kids are adults and aren’t so grateful. I am judged on not being a good enough mother and some of them don’t show up to dinner. It is not the same, but my favorite thing is to prepare the meal for those that do show up and remember all the Thanksgivings that have passed.”

Anna Martinez Rodriguez: “Food, Family, Football and leftovers.”

Willie Williams: “Enjoy watching family talking to each other over dinner.”

Paul Arellano: “Waking up to live another day.”

Terry Diaz-Babida: “Family Time.”

Vex Crimpler: “Giving thanks for all that surrounds me.”

Kenny Blake: “When everyone leaves.”

Carmen Madariags: “#LAFAMILIA, Bringing to mind the many Blessings we are grateful for. First of all, SALVATION!!! Bringing out my vintage Thanksgiving dishes, which I’m about to wash and prepare to set table! Oh, did I mention I make great cornbread dressing!!! Happy Thanksgiving to all!”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “The food and being with my granddaughters!”

Feliz Flores: “Stuffing and Turkey; dark meat.”