I had such a great conversation today with a group of Latinos. Everyone was from everywhere. When I was a kid, I was a Mexican; a Latina, a Chicana. I didn’t quite understand the depth of all that but I knew you were either black, white or one of us. As I got older, I found out “us” was not actually a real thing. I thought if we were all brown we were all the same. I found out quickly when I married a Puerto Rican and met his father and he asked me what nationality I was. I told him I was Mexican. He asked from what part of Mexico. I told him I was born and raised here in San Antonio. He looked at me from head to toe with disgust. He said, “oh, tu eres Americana?” I laughed and told him I had been called worse. (Please know I am very proud of being an American) This is when I realized that Cubans, Puerto Ricans, Dominican Republicans, Columbians, Mexicans, and all other Latino cultures did not consider themselves as one. That my people are so divided and I don’t think anyone else has done that to us but us. Am I wrong? Are not all Latinos equal? What is the difference? Let’s talk about it….

Oti De La Cruz:
“Here in the United States, each latin nationality helps each other within themselves. Cubanos help Cubanos. Puerto Ricans help Puerto Ricans. Mexicans do help each other but only to an extent; and only some, not all. The one thing I have observed is that mexicans do not raise each other up. They pull you down so will you not be better than they are as a person individually. “

Eliseo Moreno:
“I experienced that as well. I think its just people being petty . Some people from different nationalities realize we are all just people and others don’t and want to believe they are better because their ethnic background when it really holds no ground in determining who you are and what you can be . I guess some people want to feel important or better then others and will use this to justify that belief when like I said it means absolutely nothing .”

Raul Cervantes:
“I used to be married to a Puerto Rican..its funny….that Island is an American Provence…with rights as an American….but as we all do..we flip our nationality for convenience….Besides…I think ‘Im more Texican than anything else….Just ate a WhataBurger Taquito.”

Jesus Tello:
“I’m sorry but I’m a tejano through and through”

Kirk Otto:
“You could say that about all races. None are fully united in everything. If a Latino we’re running for President, like Joaquin against Trump. You’d see some serious unity!!
But underneath our skin, is an individual person. We’re not bees, with a hive mind mentality. We all have independent experiences, thoughts, and interactions that shape who we are.
Me personally (non-Hispanic) I’d rather have unity with Christ followers. If you can do that with multiple cultures, the potlucks are awesome!! I’d like unity with open minded musicians, because the jams are so amazingly fun. The list goes on and on.”