Christmas is the time of year for giving. How do you give? Do you volunteer for anything? Do you think it’s important to volunteer in your community? Let’s talk about it…

Regina Deseri Gonzales:
Long term care facilities for the elderly need people to visit and bring them some cheer! I love spending time with my patients at my clinical site.

Kelly Narvaez:
I think it is essential that we should volunteer within the community. It shows your children compassion and that it is the right thing to do. To bring a little joy and happiness to those down on hard times. They need that little bit of hope. That there are still good people in this world. If you start them off young they will learn to appreciate everything they have and not be so focused on materials.

Cyndi Cloud:
Volunteering is critical for both parties. When you volunteer you give your self which is the most precious commodity to give and receive. You also receive so much more than you give

Penelope Perez:
Volunteering is such an integral part of community. My family did not participate when we were younger, but they do now. It seems impossible when you have kids and daily lives, but it’s something you can do as a family and feel good about together.

Cassie Flores:
I volunteer my time to my family, just taking time to be with them and listen to them is a service in itself. Especially during turbulent times, maintaining connections to friends and distant relatives is a must. It’s something that is easy to get away from during the hectic work week, but we all need each other.

Ramiro Puente:
If you really want to get out and help, you would just get out on the street and help one person at a time.

Lorena Villa:
I have never volunteered, but I would be interested in working at an orphanage or a women’s shelter.