I just received word from my grandson’s daycare that children and staff have been testing positive almost every other day. They are required to put out letters notifying parents. The director stated this is our new reality. Do you agree? How are you handling this new reality? Let’s talk about it

Yvette Elizabeth: “I don’t know what the answer is but it seems like this is what we’re faced with. Working in hospice, we are constant in the middle of getting exposed or having Covid. Handling reality is stressful and how this is affecting our lives, socializing, work, our kids, elderly, etc. How many more vaccines will there be until they get this under control?”

Todd Forbes: “I think information is useful- but where I draw the line is adding fear or panic in the message- that’s wrong! To most people, this is not any worse than a cold- but just like the flu, each person needs to treat themselves accordingly- so think back to before 2020. When someone said they had the flu, did you shut down the nation? School? Stores? Fear is far more dangerous than Covid!!!!”

Janie Saravia: “Fear is a paralyzer and a killer designed to destroy us. I know my God and he is still in control.”

Veronica Amaro: “I get those daily from my son’s school. My daughter works at a daycare and they too have kids that test positive. What do you do? Treat the symptoms! If you have a fever, stay home. Just like any other illness! We need to start using common sense.”

Thomas Mc: “Of course, it’s good to know! Let’s pretend there’s no Covid, I would still want to know if the staff is getting strep, flu, or pneumonia. My daughter went to a daycare where they had a severe respiratory virus outbreak but didn’t want to alarm parents. My daughter ended up at the ER days later because she got it and couldn’t breathe. To say I was upset is an understatement, because it may have been preventable.”

Andy Squire: “I think pediatric Covid cases are more of a threat to their family than the child. Most of their cases are mild but can infect family members that have underlying conditions or of older age. The ones who are most at risk, vaccinated or not.”

Chris Castillo: “I really feel at this point, it’s not a matter of IF you get the Rona.. it’s WHEN you get the Rona. But if you’re vaccinated and boostered up, you may not get it as bad. It does seem to be affecting our son’s school as well. It has become the “new norm” unfortunately.”