As most of you know, I do a weekly column called “Let’s talk about it ” where your comments are published in the newspaper once a week. The purpose is to talk about things that are significant to us and our everyday lives. It goes down in our archives and becomes part of history.
I heard a story about how $1 could get you into a movie, a hotdog, a drink and some candy. I remember when $10 would get me into a movie and buy my nachos, chips and drink. When my kids were teenagers $20 was the average amount I would give them for a movie. Today, I saw the price of a movie ticket was $14.69 at AMC! In 1960, the median gross rent was $71. Now it is $1600. What have you seen have a significant change from when you were a kid or when your parents were kids? Let’s talk about it.

Roy Cruz: “I remember when gas was less than 54 cents per gallon.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I remember my senior year gas was $0.99/gallon.”

Jeff Hull: “I remember paying $1 to see Eddie Money at the Majestic. Now tickets are upwards of $80.”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “I remember when we could get a pack of ground meat for .99 cents a pound now it’s almost $4.00 a pound.”

Thomas Mc: “The real tragedy is minimum wage hasn’t increased and it’s making many struggle.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga: “Everything! Unfortunately, it’s sad that things aren’t adding up these days! Salary and cost of living, you know.”

Todd Forbes: “I no longer pay for my kids to go to the movies. I, like you, am saddened that such a great experience has gone to the way of greed. It has been a while, but I know I’m not alone, as the last time I did go there were max 6 people in there! I guess whomever is running the business didn’t go to school and learn the basics of supply and demand and where the price curve intersects. Which is why they are doomed to fail!”