Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order on Tuesday that prohibits governmental entities, including schools, in Texas from requiring or mandating mask-wearing. Young children haven’t been given the ok to be vaccinated. What do you think? Let’s talk about it..

Gene A. Gomez: “I think it’s time for a new Governor. Just my opinion.”

Jerry Rowray: “Government mandated rules…when did we give up the right to decide what is best for our own child. Are parents mindless, inept humans without any sense or say in what is best for their own flesh and blood? I know that’s true in some socialistic countries.”

Rene C Resendez: “So much for the party of individual freedoms, basically Abbott and clones are hypocrites.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “You can wear a mask. But those of us who don’t now are not forced.”

Candy Yvonne: “I’m glad he removed it. We don’t need to be told what to do, or maybe people like lessening their freedom. Move to a communist country and then you’ll cry to come back. Media and news are misinforming people.”

Stacie Jo Reyes : “My daughter will continue to wear a mask until she gets vaccinated in September.”

Todd Forbes: “I think it’s long overdue, but really that’s for kids and outside. Honestly I really don’t judge, so if it makes you feel better or if you’re sick, go ahead and wear one! But since the study came out that showed you’re more likely to get sick with one on, you might want to consider your options.”

Armando Cantu: “Children or teenagers are the main issues here and they have been overlooked. But there are adults who have not been vaccinated or don’t want to.”

Patrick Southard: “So is it prohibited or cannot be forced?”

Lonnie Bradley: ‘I never liked masks for kids anyway. My daughter had to wear one during PE and ended up getting dizzy while trying to run in her mask. Younger kids were getting sent home because they would take them down or off. Yes, they can carry the virus, but so can anyone else, even those who have had it before and those who are vaccinated.”

Shawn Armstrong: “My district has already put in place for next year that the masks are optional…Not Forced.”

Carolina Roberts: “He needs to be out of office already.”

LeAnn M Dinsdale: “I’m glad I’m in high school.”

Casey White: “I think Gov. Abbott is an idiot. Between mask and abortion, he’s making it a horrible place to live (even if you’re vaccinated). Can’t imagine how people unable to get the vaccine must feel.”

Javier Antonio Guzman: “Do you know why Abbott had to remove the mask mandate?”

Rosie Castro: “He does not care about the people of Texas.”

Joseph Davidson: “It’s a mistake, children have been found to be reservoirs for Covid.”

Jaime Castro: “My opinion is that he is a POS and really full of it and needs to get his butt kicked out.”

Oscar Garza: “ABBOTT IS AN IDIOT.”