What is frustrating about the roll out of COVID vaccines in San Antonio is (i) information posted by the County and the City and distributed by elected officials is not accurate. You cannot sign up online and you cannot get thru by phone (ii) As reported in the San Antonio Express News, there are Doctors who received public funds to distribute the vaccine who are doling them out as political favors. Have you tried registering to take the covid vaccine? Have you had any luck? Let’s talk about it…

Janie Martinez Gonzalez: “If they had rolled a system prior to the rolled vs telling people to do it that same day, things would have been a tad better. The current system/roll out only sets people up for distress and frustration. I can go on and on as a technologist. So many things they should have planned to ease frustration with technology and tools”

Walter Martinez: “Sad. Frustrating. The average person doesn’t have a clue.”

Diana Rivera: “Same here! No plan, no schedule, very disorganized!”

Mario Bravo: “The city needs better logistics people to plan out and execute this work. I recruited over 50 volunteers for Metro Health in the last 24 hrs to assist with the Alamodome vaccinations this month. My first volunteer shift is tomorrow. We will do what we can to help.”

Ann Marie Schroeder: “I think it was a TPR podcast I was listening to yesterday where the comment was made about how efficiently the polio vaccine was distributed. This without all the computers and advancements in technology we’ve got today. And polio was eradicated in fairly short order.”

Verna Blackwell-Hilario: “They are full of it. I know people who got vaccine who are not of age and not sick. Who is checking these liars?”

Kaye Worrell: “Austin area is still waiting for the rollout of mass vaccine distribution. What has been doled out by regional clinics has been depleted; some used on people who weren’t even eligible. Today, the Texas Department of Health is supposed to publish a list of hubs available for mass vaccinations that supposedly can be given as soon as tomorrow. Still waiting for this list. I’m sure I’m about to become as frustrated as you.”

Margie Vera: “Keep in mind that people are missing their appointments and extras are leftover. The vaccine must be given or thrown away within hours, so if you show up, they may give it to you, regardless of age, since it’s either given or thrown away. They can’t schedule people for possible vaccines, because if people showed up, there would be none left.”

Louis Escareno: “FRUSTRATING. I TRIED REGISTERING FOR THE COVID VACCINCE AS INSTRUCTED IN THE ANA SANDOVAL NEWSLETTER. I STARTING CHECK IN RIGHT AT 9 AM AND I STARTED CALLING AT THE SAME TIME. BY 9:05 AM THE SITE SAID REGISTRATION WAS FULL. VERY Disappointed AND FRUSTRATED. It isnt true you can sign up online or via phone. Its misleading the public to suggest this is the way to do it. Right now you need political connections or be a very aggressive, savvy hunter.”

Queta Rodriguez: “We can also look to who was granted non-competitive contracts by our elected officials. Several of them pop-up non-profits who have sub-contracted the work. It’s no wonder it’s been a clusterf**k.”

Luis Mercado:“That has been my experience with city/county oversight of boards that I have served on. (Ryan White Title I project and Advanced Transportation District) The right hand and left hand shall never meet. It is very challenging to get anything done”

Leticia Vela: “I was surprised to hear that a retirement community had a vaccine party. My brother who is a dialysis patient has not been offered a vaccine as his client. He has to jockey for non-existent appointments with the rest of the underprivileged.”

Harold Thomas: “I waited 4 1/2 hours to find out the day’s serum supply had run out. The next day, I waited a little over 5 hours but I got the first dose.”

Eric Tello: “My family and I decided to not get the vaccine (yet) as research is inconclusive about the long term side effects as well as the other side effects that come with it. I am in NOT in any way anti-vaccine but I’ve worked in pharma for 4 years and I know a thing or two about the phases drugs have to go through before it’s released to the public.”

Judith Tello: “It shows
everybody is having the same problem in the comments section of the COVID19 link. I personally want my PCP to