Let’s start a conversation about the positive changes we can make to create a brighter, more inclusive, and compassionate world. Together, we can inspire action and make a difference. Your voice matters! What do YOU think the world needs more of in 2024?
Let’s talk about it…

Charles Raland: “ Empathy.”

Patty B Johnson: “Jesus.”

Bernie Cantu: “Peace.”

Roy Cruz: “ Rest.”

Geronimo Franco: “Peace.”

Robert Vasquez: “ To be color blind.”

Eva Ruben Laque: “Jesus.”

Kavoos Shamloo: “Peace.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Kindness.”

Wanda Loftis: “God.”

Henry Rodriguez: “To Party.”

Kelly Jordan: “Love.”

Gloria Hudson: ” Understanding.”

Mary Valadez: “ Respect.”

Pamela Parrott: “Lots of prayers.”

Juan Gomex Jr: “Salvation.”

Melissa Hopson: “Compassion.”

Ruth Rupar: “Honest politician’s!!!”

Hilda Rozario: “Peace and justice.”

Beverly Heath: “Jesus, he will provide good honest love.”

Diane Hererrera: “Patience.”

Janet Anderson: “Deep from the heart and soul, genuine LOVE.”

Carey Calvert: “Hobbies.”

Terry Kaulbach; “True leadership.”

Keran Van Epen: “ HAPPINESS.”

Muhammad Alikali; “The fear of God(Allah) Almighty.”

Luisa Camacho: “God first, Lots of prayer, peace, Love.”

Susie Niven: “A Huge Big Shake Up and get us back to having Love instead of Hate.”

Olajumoke T Paulinus: “Jesus, the Prince of Peace.”

Keran Van Epen: “Kind hearted people.”

Tuan Shiraz: “Silence (war abounds and people are bleeding).”

Laurie Harvey: “Another round of stimulus checks!!”

Jane VanDerburgh: “A miracle.”

Mario Guiterrez: “Unity.”

Rod-Karen Barber: “Some brains would be nice for a change.”

Mike Tokarczyk: “Togetherness.”

Judith Fowler: “Ethical leadership.”

Choma M Silas: “Humanity.”

Corinne Fenton: “Tolerance.”

Patricia Van Oss: “Intelligence.”

Augustine Lee Rood Bosley: “Unity!”

Prince Mbella: “Order.”

Abby Vasquez: “Healing.”

Richard Burton: “Food for the millions that are starving right now around the world.”

Sandra Diaz: “Economic stability.”

Bear Necessities: “Space.”

Diana Quinn: “Kindness and caring!”

Frances Casales Potter: “Brains.”

Ralph Tello: “ Humaneness.”

Joshua J Rivas: “Time.”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Heart and the Chankla.”

Adriana Guerrero: “Repent.”

John Ybanez: “To be Trumpless.”

Mark Gibbons: “Sex.”