I just overheard a very interesting conversation between a Mother and her son; he was about 10 years old. As they waited for their dinner, they watched another Trump headline on the television. Mom called him an idiot and said someone should put a stop to this nonsense. He asked her,” Who did you vote for?” She explained she had not voted because she felt their was not a qualified candidate to vote for. The young boy said,” then you shouldn’t complain because when you had a chance to vote, you didn’t.” Mother just stared at him. He then continued, “so next time you have the chance to vote, I think you should.” I remember many people felt very much like the mother during the election, me included. Did you vote? If you knew then what you know now, would you still have made the same choice? Let’s talk about it…

Mary Svetlik Watkins I did not vote for Trump or his opponent. I’m a card-carrying libertarian. However, it irritates me to no end when people call the president names – horrible things yet get upset that he does the same. It’s the whole “that idiot called me an idiot” scenario. Whenever you point fingers, three points back at you.
Jazmin D Zuñiga I voted & I encouraged alot of people to do so, some did some didn’t & I don’t Regret My Vote & there were a few who were voting for Trump Because of religious believes against abortion & I tried to explain that even if abortion is legal, you are the one that makes that decision not the law.. Not sure which way they went..
Eliseo Moreno I didn’t vote for either one of them and would not for either one of them again. Between the two there were no decent candidates to vote for . I’m not going to vote for something/someone that I believe is wrong. Also makes no sense, just to be able to complain I should vote for one of the candidates that I don’t believe are good people ??
Barbara Ann Mendoza Mead Maga 2020
Regina Deseri Gonzales I voted for Trump because the other choice I felt was more dangerous. I do not agree with everything he’s done but I do believe he’s working hard. I support the office of the Presidency and have even when whomever I voted for may not have won. I’m pro America, pro-Democracy and pray for our country’s leaders. Yes I would vote the same…and respect difference of opinions.
Eliseo Moreno He is doing great work but if he could only work with people in a more positive manner I believe he could achieve great things. It just seems so counterproductive the way he goes about some things .. wish him the best but seems like when it comes to relations he keeps digging deeper.
Henry Shamdas I agree and also disagree with you. Yes respect the office of the president and as such he should also respect that office and be above petty name calling and fighting. Be above it because you represent us on the world stage not the ones calling him names.
Regina Deseri Gonzales Eliseo Moreno I completely agree. He’s not tactful at all and seems to put people off rather than encourage unity. It’s what makes me sad. Ultimately though he SHOULD be more diplomatic, not sure he will ever be great at it. Praying for the best always