State Rep. Justin Rodriguez was named the interim Bexar County Commissioner less than one week after Commissioner Paul Elizondo (Pct. 2) died. There is no formal application process and no paperwork to submit for the interim position, it’s solely up to Judge Wolf. The City is following its own process to fill a vacancy on City Council. It requires an application, deadlines, and a Council vote. Queta Rodriguez ran against Elizondo last year. Elizondo received 5,391 votes in the primary runoff, she received 5,003. Wouldn’t it make sense that she would have at least been considered for the interim position? The people clearly voted for her. Is it just me or is there something terribly wrong with giving one person in our county so much power? Shouldn’t the Commissioners court vote just as City Council has to? Let’s talk about it…

Rudy Rocamontes Jr:
“Of course, I agree with you. But that’s why it’s called politics!”

Michelle Butler:
“I would rather have someone appointed. Rodriguez didn’t win and neither did the person who would be appointed. It’s the way the system works when someone from city council leaves the person who ran against them and lost isn’t given the seat. They appoint someone in the interim”

Regina Deseri Gonzales:
“Rodriguez is clearly the next choice. Sounds corrupt and a good ‘ol boy system. Change is needed”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“Here we have an application process, public interview during session and then the board votes. When elections are held that seat is up for election. Even the f it’s off cycle. I think there should be at least some vetting process.”

Santiago Tello:
“Some connected political hack will get it Yvette. I agree with your solution. I met Queta on several occasions through the honor guard and I found her to be an intelligent and capable lady.”

Jeff Hull:
“I was asking myself the same question. With all due respect to Mr. Elizondo, may he rest in peace, Queta Rodriguez is a personal friend but outside of that she is definitely qualified. What’s important to me as a citizen is that city politicians care about us all. From the bottom up. I have watched Queta’s parents both serve us as neighbors and on a political level. They are good standing citizens and I would trust the city and the Office to Queta Rodriguez. Hands down.”

Ray Teveni:
“I would strongly agree. But be there should be a protocol in place his situation happens again. Just like City council.”

Blue Rose Alvarez:
“Mr. Rodriguez was selected as interim commissioner until another election takes place. This is a process (protocol) in place for most positions. Yes, Queta is qualified but so are a lot of other citizens. Ms. Queta lost for a reason. Maybe she won’t make the same mistakes in her next campaign.”

Esteef Voldese:
“To me, it’s politics, it’s not supposed to be “fair.”

Penelope Perez:
“We have to appreciate the interim of it all, like stuff happens and we have to find coverage ASAP so that the city can keep moving. I agree that Mr. Elizondo should be replaced by someone nominated by the people, but that takes time. It surprised me that State Rep. Justin Rodriguez was quick to leave his seat during a legislative year! Who will replace him? He was first elected to the House in 2012 and he previously served on the San Antonio City Council. I don’t know if he is planning on staying or what, but I would think Texas legislature would be more interesting than county commissioners.