Election Day was this week. Did you Vote? Why or why not? Do you think your vote even matters? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Danielle Haywood: “I voted on the first day of early voting! I think every vote counts, including mine! I have confidence in the Bexar County election officials to run secure and fair elections, so I voted early. I know many people that are waiting until election day to vote. We encouraged people to vote early. It will be interesting to see what Tuesday brings.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Voted early. I got elected because people voted.”

MannySantana Montilla: “Voted early giving Beto a bit of a boost if anything.”


Megan Kanner: “Voted early, voted blue.”

Dan Kramer: “Early voted in Houston. Got ‘er done. I got the Blues!”

Susan Navarro: “Got my absentee ballot in!”

Denise Rodriguez: “Vote your conscience! Let your voice be heard.”

Penelope Fogel: “Voted Blue already!!”

Carol Daniels: “Voted two weeks ago.”

Heather Tanner: “I always vote! Blue, get out and vote everyone!”

Kathy Pease: “And voting Blue all the way.”

Lynette: “Holy hell. Most important election of our times!!!”

Jim Henrique: “American democracy is also on the ballot. VOTE BLUE IN OVERWHELMING NUMBERS!”

Nancy Jane Huel: “When your wife or daughter is arrested for having a miscarriage, or when she dies during pregnancy because abortions are illegal, at least you can take comfort that your vote was based on the price of a gallon of gas.”

Donna Dean: “Let’s turn it RED! No more high prices and lies!! No more leaving war equipment for the enemy and letting China buy up our country!!”

BJ Roberts: “Voted Blue all the way here in Arizona!”



Pualni Maksoer-Ella: “Aloha Beto! Go to the FB group “We’re Backing Beto ” from Maui Hawaii! I’m a Texas native in Hawaii and we have a group of friends who are hell bent on supporting your win! My brother (who lives in Austin) and I did a road trip from ATX to NYC with your bumper sticker all the way through the deep, dark south! Know that you have support from us! Freaking go get’em!”

Frances Potter: “Get out and vote Abbott OUT, Texas!”

Jeanie Chavez: “Vote Red! It’s a recommendation that is worth considering based on the current reality.”

Steven Armstrong: “The reason we have a Constitutional Republic. NOT A DEMOCRACY!”

Tim Oliver: “What they are doing isn’t WORKING.Vote Red.This isn’t hard.We are smart people.”

Cheryl Perez: “I voted straight R, …. even if he disowned me!”

Lauren B: “Definitely voting Red.”

Jose Solis: “The republicans are mentally ill Neonazi ,xenophobes.”