Do you think war of today is different than the wars of yesterday? It’s not bombs, bullets and bunkers: It’s information, artificial intelligence, and drones that seem to be today’s new warfare. In light of Veteran’s day, let’s talk about it…

Mike Miller: “It’s all of the above today. The bombs are just falling overseas right now…Where I hope they stay.”

Shawn Armstrong: “So here’s how I see it: the wars that we have been fighting recently have all been changed due to technology. There’s no more sending hundreds of thousands of millions of troops to foreign soil to fight like in World War I & II, Vietnam etc. In the past, there were hundreds of thousands of men and women that died in wars. I would say since Desert Storm, it’s more in the hundreds to single digit thousands that die. This is due to technology being able to pinpoint locations and not having to send in so many troops. Either way, war sucks.”

Hope Robinson Shawn Armstrong: “There is still conventional warfare being fought in the world. Here, it’s tech wars. If the country doesn’t wake up, it could turn into more U.S citizens killing U.S citizens.”

Rosa Mendez: “All wars eventually cause damage, pain ,loss and death. Some cause physical damage, others mess with people’s lives and others are mental damage..The men and women who protect us in war here at home or away need our support, our admiration, our prayers, and our respect.”

Charles Cervantes: “War brings one thing: DEATH, no more said.”

Vicky Ward: “War is definitely not the same due to technology. War is more thought out before attacking. Before it was action before words.”

Alexander Baez: “It seems it is more of a political war more than anything. There are no Veteran’s in that. At least not ones that we want to remember.”

Penelope Perez: “ Modern wars seem to be fought behind the scenes where old wars seem to be live streamed and broadcasted on the news every morning. Most people in America couldn’t tell you if we are in a war right now. It’s buried under piles of distracting fake news doing exactly what it is designed to do.”