The new Selena single, “Como te quiero yo a tí,” and album, MOONCHILD MIXES was released this week. Do you think it is distasteful for them to continue to produce music with her voice? Or do you think this Is a way to keep her alive for themselves and her fans? Let’s talk about it..

Jose Rosario: “After all is said and done, any new creation featuring her voice will always be beautiful and serve to keep her memory alive, because these productions are made with love by the Quintanilla family. Love and respect.”

Néstor Meléndez Soler: “Me encantó. Que buena vibra haber trabajado para la Reina. God blessed her indeed.”

Jeff Young: “Jose, great quote from you. From someone who worked with her, it’s great that some new, quality music of Selena was released. She was one of a kind and a beautiful gift to us from GOD.”

Al Calvo Jr.: “Exactly what Jose Rosario said. I don’t understand why people criticize the family for remaking their own music. Music that the real fans love and remember. Critics call them greedy and money hungry, but that’s how they make a living, then and now. AB remastered the old songs, some people never heard before, and shared them with the world so we can hear her voice again in a new way.”

Carmen Perez:“Jose Rosario Gonzalez, Keep on being our voice! You always bring exactly the right perspective! The Quintanilla family has done the right thing in refreshing the memory of Selena.”

Dawn B: “I think that she would want her music to continue. It is as beautiful as she was, and you do not have to be Latino to appreciate a true artist. Great work from her brother and sister. She will always be alive in people’s hearts. Before anyone else gets so negative, her father lost a daughter, her siblings lost her. They also have a foundation for children in crisis. I am sure some income from this music will go to that charity. Chris Perez remarried, had 2 children, divorced, won a grammy, has a hot pepper sauce company, and worked out differences with Selena’s family. I am sure he would be pleased that she again comes to life through her music. As a musician, I think he would understand more than most.”

Michelle Dillon-Nieves: “She’s a wonderful entertainer, but her family is making so much money off of her.”

Ramon Chapa Jr.: “They should let her rest in peace! Obviously, her dad just wants to keep making money from her since his other kids don’t have any talent.”

Christina Li: “I love that she lives on. I know a lot of people say crap about “her family needs to let her rest”. Selena NEEDS to live on. Her memory, her music. And we all want to keep enjoying her, having merch with her, etc. Honestly, look at it this way: I’d rather see her FAMILY benefit from making money off of her name and music than just her record company, who only care about the money. She would have felt the same. Her family cares about her legacy left behind.”

Raquel Duron Donaghy: “Why do they refer to her as Selena Quintanilla? She was Selena Quintanilla Perez, she was married to Chris Perez. That’s disrespectful.”

Jody Gierke: “Her beautiful voice and music deserves to continue. I think she would approve because that means we haven’t forgotten her and still love her music.”

Frank Burton: “Her dad has always used her as a cash cow. It’s sad he’s still doing it. She deserves to rest in peace and let her memory live on. If it’s a remix, then I’m ok with it because it was her original work and not one that wasn’t of her actual work.”

Tamara Smith: “Thank you so much. I love Selena. I can’t wait to hear her new music. She was such a beautiful spirit.”

Ashley Ann Westerfield: “Where’s the rest of her name? You can tell this is a story that her father, sister and brother are responsible for. I guess he lived off of his kids when they were little, what is the difference now right? It gives me some Jackson 5 vibes.”

April Herrera: “Yes it’s her voice but she’s not actually singing. Let her Rest In Peace.”

Jen Kimble-Bohannon: “I will forever love Selena. However, I have lost all respect for her family. I will NOT visit their memorial shop and I won’t listen to her new album or support them in any way. I support Selena, I do not support her greedy money hungry family. It’s sad they made money off her before she died and they are still cashing in on her. Pathetic.”

Mariann Farhat: “You can’t even take her sister Suzette seriously, she literally makes a living off of keeping Selena’s legacy alive. If they didn’t keep coming up with new ideas to make money off of her name and legacy, they’d all be broke.”

Anne R U Ok: “If I was famous and died I wouldn’t mind if my family made money after. I’m dead. Foreals, go for it and give momma everything we couldn’t give her.”

Terri Lee Reeves: “It was a horrible day in Corpus Christi when she died!”

Adriana Harwood: “Yes!!! More Selena vibes and less Beyoncé in my feed. Selena went way too soon. My childhood favorite. Great example for women. Descansa en Paz! “

Alma Roberts: “Her brother and sister are being money hungry. Y’all need to get regular jobs and let her Rest In Peace.”

Alexandra Mora: “She was great and her death was tragic… but her parents/family have milked her passing for millions. Let her rest in peace!”

Alejandra Adriana: “I love Selena so much but her family needs to let her Rest In Peace and stop financially benefiting from her. . I wonder how Chris feels about this…”
Margie Bryant: “Family, honor her by stating her married name as well. Selena Quintanilla Perez. Let’s not forget Chris was the love of her life.”

Janet Cruz: “I bet she’s so proud wherever she is. Her family has carried her legacy.”

Paulina J Vargas: “Her family is doing exactly what she would’ve wanted and that is to continue inspiring people with her music. Everyone loves Selena. The fact that her legacy is still so big after all these years is amazing. She’s not forgotten and her family made sure of that.. whether they get money or not they are doing something amazing in my eyes. I love Selena and I was four years old when she died.”

Betty Jean Bell Harvey: “My son who is 12 years old has her t-shirts and loves her. We have 3 copies of the movie and everytime he watches it, he cries. She was an inspiration to so many people and her life should be remembered. I thank God that her family is releasing this cd. I will definitely be buying it for my son. Selena would be so proud of her brother and sister for keeping her music and her legacy alive. God bless you for sharing her music with us.”

Ty Smïth: “This is beautiful, how she is still everywhere. Her legacy is living on through her family and her fans. I can’t wait to hear this new music”

Noemi Dreyer: “She already has amazing music out, we don’t need anything more. Please let her Rest In Peace.”

BeccaLynn Mccormick: “When will they let her rest in peace and move on with their own lives and do new things? Instead, they are making money off her for 27 years. She has been gone longer than she was alive. And the only thing Chris, her husband did was write a book about their time together which her father was very much against him doing. Also Chris has been excluded from many things which isn’t right since he was her husband and they were together when she passed.”

Ariel Esler: “My Abuela, God rest her soul, would be so happy about this.”