Thanksgiving was this week. What are you most thankful for this year? Let’s talk about it….

Terry Diaz-Babida: “Thankful that I am able to walk again.”

Anthony Soto: “I am grateful for health and family.”

Sandra Luna Perez: “Life, it’s my 5th year in remission. I feel blessed.”

Cynthia Caballero: “Thankful for God’s mercy and grace, and our health and family we are so blessed and grateful.”

Diana Laque Irias:”I am thankful for my Lord and Savior, My Husband, Son and my grandchildren.”

Traci Martinez: “Everyday I am Thankful for My God… My Kids, My Husband, My Grandkids, My Sisters (Kai & Jaime), My Friends… but this week I always think about traditions being passed down, memories that our kids will talk about when they come together (like we do now). Recipes being talked about and of course the Family Feuds yes everyone has them… It’s the Good Memories and the more to come… Blessed we Are!”

Stephanie Cervantes: “I am very thankful to be blessed for my sons and family and I am very thankful that I gave my son a kidney transplant and we’re both doing great. Amen thank you Jesus.”

Michelle Rushing: “Thankful for family, loved ones, wonderful friends and that Kal is doing so well!”

Stefani Shamloo: “Lots, including you.”

Gene A. Gomez: “Thankful for God. I’m Alive. Family and Great Friends.”

Joann Laque: “God first, family, health and blessings.”

Rafael Olmeda: “That’s a terrific question. When I was a believer, I thought Thanksgiving was the most religious holiday, because you could practice it no matter what religion you followed. Now that I’m atheist, I still appreciate Thanksgiving and I still respect it as a primarily religious expression. But for me, I am grateful to my parents for raising me, my family for showering my life with love, my wife for being a terrific partner, my employers for keeping me on the job, and the people with whom I interact for helping me do my job well. I’m thankful to cops and firefighters for risking their lives to save people they don’t know, to doctors and nurses and EMTs for treating us when we need their expertise to survive and thrive physically. I’m grateful to the people who mow my lawn every couple of weeks for an affordable price. I’m grateful to my kids’ teachers for dedicating themselves to my kids’ education. Goodness, I have so many people to be thankful to. I suppose thanking God is easier. But I have to be honest: To me, it’s not as much fun.”

James Kappler: “I am thankful for every day. A bit over 5 years ago I was given a 95% chance of being dead in 5 years. I was in hospice for months. I barely knew my name. I’m not quite my old self, however I can do most things I used to be able to do.I’m 54, and physically feel 70. It’s not so bad. I appreciate waking up every morning. Anything else is frosting on the cake. Most days it is a young 70. I can play catch with my 11 yr. old son. I can be happy.”

Kats4han: “My sister is my everything. I am most thankful for her. She helped me so much this year. She is the only person I could vent my problems to and I was hers. I’m thankful that we have a great relationship. I hope it continues like it is now forever.”

Ralph Tello: “I am thankful to still be sane in this insane world! Lol. And I’m thankful that I’m not a turkey!!!!”