I had someone ask me the following: My mother-in-law is 70, but she is constantly trying to look younger and even wears mini skirts. How do I tactfully explain to her that her time has already passed? Do you think there is an age that we should try to stop looking young? Would you want someone to tell you that you are too old to dress a certain way? What does it mean to be too old? Let’s talk about it…

Rick Carter: “There sure is and you tell her to cover up.”

Lynda Lynn: “That’s her business…if she wants to try to look young or at least ‘feel young’ doing so, that’s her right. Let her live!”

Carey Calvert: “Sounds like MIL is hotter than her.”

Denise Castano Wirth: “Let her be. I admire those that don’t let a number define them. My friend Kellan Via Rhodes is a prime example of living her life on HER terms! Be grateful for the message she’s creating for all of us that can only pray we make it to her age!”

Monica Medina: “My sister is 75 and ROCKS a miniskirt.”

Chris Castillo: “I think we need to let people be comfortable in their own skin. But, if you’re a friend, tell them if they look ridiculous.”

Melida Melissa Lopez: “You only live once, let her live it up. Yolo baby.”

Sylvia Garcia Martinez: “Let her live it up. Her confidence is soaring.”

Anthony Tijerina: “There’s no age limit, look at Dolly Parton.”

Nina A. Sanchez: “Let her…if that’s what makes her happy why take it away…we’re old as we feel…if you take what makes her happy then she will shut down”

Bethany Davis Gonzales: “Ask yourself if this would apply to a man of any age and there’s your answer.”

Elizabeth Lopez: “Let her live her life as she pleases.”

Nikki Harris: “Shoot…. I’ll be wearing minis forever, living life. Her time to feel great never passes. We only just reach the age where we don’t give a sh** what people think.”

Cecily A. Jones: “I’m not saying a word nor listening cuz I’m gonna be doing the same thing for as long as I can!”

Norma Sanchez Martinez: “My mom dressed like she was in her 20’s and she was in her 50’s and we were all okay with it. She felt good so we were like let her live her life and she lived a happy one.”

Lorenzo Tovar: “Shoot, I’m 49 and still wearing Z Cavariccis! I’m bringing that trend back!!!”

Jerry Rowray: “I don’t think that age has anything to do with it. If you can wear it … wear it. If you have bad taste at 70 you have bad taste at 30. The problems come when they put on makeup with a spatula and lipstick with a paint roller…and when their body sags more than Biden’s economic plan. Live and let live.”

Angelita Aronce Sorensen: “Allow her to dress however makes her happy. Sure she’s aware that some people think it’s inappropriate but clearly she doesn’t care. I know I don’t give a rat a** what people think of me and how I dress.”

Stacie Jo Reyes: “I’m thinking that it’s her body and her business. Also, can she pull this look off? Is she invited to her grandkids parties and are the grandkids embarrassed? So many things running through my mind.”

Christina Arriaga: “Big believer in just cause it zips doesn’t mean it fits . But stay sexy .. sexy comes no matter what age.”

Cindy Gene Bustamante: “I mean, as long as she’s buying her own clothes…who am I to say anything?”

Gregorio De La Paz: “Just let it go. Don’t touch this one. If she’s happy that’s All that matters.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “That’s not my circus, not my monkeys. She’s not hurting anyone.”

Frances Casales Potter: “Old ? There are people that are old at 30 or 40 years old. Age is only a number. To each their own! The way people dress should appeal to yourself, not others.”

Michael Momo Chazz Martinez: “Need more information…does she look good? If so, have at it Granny.”

Benjamin Godina: “Respect your age. Act your age size. Just saying.”

Chris Jones: “Let her live.”