I read an article that says San Antonio is known for the San Antonio Spurs, the Alamo, great Tex-Mex food, the River Walk, a notable heavy metal and hardcore music scene, SeaWorld, its sizable military presence, and Cornerstone Church (John Hagee). What else do you think San Antonio should be known for? Let’s talk about it….

Chris Jones:
“Big Red and Barbacoa. The Missions.”

Ismael Alatorre:

Rudy Rocamontes Jr:
“It’s also known for John M. Wilkins.”

Mari Medellin:
“Largest Cowboy Boots (northstar)”

Eric Tello:
“I’ll tell you what it is known for in Canada: JAZZ MUSIC OF ALL THINGS! There’s a segment on the jazz station called river city jazz that comes on every Saturday evening.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“Friendly people. Having lived in other places, the friendliness and acceptance of diversity is unlike anything else.”

Santiago Tello:
“San Fernando Cathedral”

Gilbert Dimas Jr:
“Steers and Queers”

Joseph Martinez :
“SA should be known for bringing in more industry, big-name corporations. Take a close look at notables in the city.”

Simon Gomez:
“For having 17 churches without priests.”

Stefani Shamloo:
”Changes. A land of opportunities. Culture. Diversity”

Pauline Barrera:
“The Indian off 410”

Ricky Vidaurri Lopez:
“The Ghost Tracks”

Monica Acosta-Zamora:
“My grandparents lived and 1st cousins live in San Antonio, Texas. Many of the few Raza Unida Party members I know still living, live there as well!”

Sandra Luna Perez:
“We are known for our Fiesta, River Parade and El Mercado.”

Rosa Mendez :
“Military City, Fiesta, tacos, pan dulce, Mexican candies, tamales, rodeo, and that fact that we find any excuse to party, oh almost forgot The Margaritas”

Robin S Tello:
“ For having military and veterans. God bless our military and vets!!!”

Iris Noemi Perez Reyes:
“For the diversity of people and culture that makes us one and equal.”