Last week in San Antonio, there was boarding up of businesses and offices. The sheriff and local police were prepared for the announcement of the results. They were concerned some people may be upset with the outcome. In my entire life, during elections, there are always people disappointed with the outcome, but not to the point that we need to prepare with law enforcement. This, after a Biden campaign event was cancelled in Texas on Friday after reportedly coming under threat from armed Trump supporters, days after the president’s eldest son called on his father’s supporters to “get out there, have some fun”. How did we get to this point? How do we fix this? Let’s talk about it…

Frank Burton: “It’s a shame that this is being normalized. Common human decency needs to make a comeback. I don’t care who you’re voting for; it’s not the America we’re supposed to be. How embarrassing.”

Virginia Ann Sherwood: “I am one who always goes to early voting but this time I still have no idea who to vote for and I know I have to make a choice. It’s very important to me that I vote and that my family votes as well. Not looking forward to Tuesday’s results.”

Vanessa McBryde: “Was it necessary to circle the Biden/Harris campaign bus on the highway? What does that prove? I’m still trying to figure out what Trump supporters see in him because no one has been able to articulate that. It’s sad that the Republican party has lost its way. Gone are the days where you could agree to disagree. I can’t respect people who follow a man with 0 morals & ethics.”

Carlos Alfaro: “The major Democratic cities are boarding up all their stores and businesses anticipating riots on the streets after the election.I don’t think those are for Republicans.”

Casey White:”They know the only way they can win is to cheat.”

Mike Miller: “That’s BS. He didn’t tell anyone to do anything except show up. Don’t you think it’s funny that a bus full of people and not one photo of these supposed guns? I just posted Biden telling lies right in front of the Alamo and being called out on it by Hispanics. You need to post it on your page and let people see it. Lets keep to the facts. Today of all days. Go get the video I just posted.”

Das Zel: “It’s a very somber time in America. Death. fear and disaster with this administration.”

Tom Shattuck: “Fake news! San Marcos PD concluded it was the fault of the Biden vehicle.”

Monica Martinez:
“Ridiculous, immature, and reckless behavior.”

Valerie Sepulveda: “Just shows what kinds of trash they are for taking it to that level.”

Tea Santos: “New norm. No one’s opinion matters anymore.”

Carolina Roberts:

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Police want to talk to the Biden car. Seems they broke the law.”

Mona Flores: “Praying for no civil unrest, or at least minimal civil unrest.”

Maria Chavez Rocco: “My faith in our future has to be stronger than my fear or sadness that we are going through such a horrid time.”

Rachel Ponce: “I always used to say “not in my San Antonio”. Can’t say that anymore. Sad and hurtful times. I am nervous for us.”

Elizabeth Parra:
“I cannot believe this is happening. The divisiveness is so bad that we have to brace for election night like it’s a natural disaster.”

Penelope Perez: “When my dad forwarded me an email from his workplace that warned about uprising, I immediately thought it was spam. I think it’s so weird that this idea of one opponent not conceding to the results is gaining so much popularity and air time because no one ever does that. The election has so much hype. Go outside.”