Let’s talk about the day we die. If it is sudden, do you have insurance? Do you have funeral arrangements set up? Does your family know your final wishes? I have insurance but I don’t have arrangements set up. An average funeral now costs $10,000 and $4500 for a cremation. I plan on getting on that asap. This recent bout with Covid that took my Aunt’s life got me thinking. That could have been me. That can be a burden for the family. Sometimes friends feel like they know you better than the family and would like you to have the services you would like. But who knows what you would want if you don’t put it in place? Many people say they don’t want a big service. I personally want a big event made out of it. It will be my last hoorah so I want it to be one for the books. I will start planning my grand event so that when it happens everyone can say “That was the best service I have ever been to!” Call me silly but that is the way I like to have my events in life and that is the way I would like to have this event in death. What about you? What would you like as a service when you pass? Let’s talk about it…

Letty Garcia Tijerina: “I’m with you! Let’s celebrate!”

Sandra Luna Perez: “I’ve told my daughters what I want and that’s to be cremated. I want my ashes in an urn at the service with a picture beside me at church and I’ve already bought my plot next to my parents so they can put my urn. I also have a life insurance that will cover the cremation and the service and whatever is left is to be divided between them. I want people to remember me the way I look. I want people to remember the good times we had. Reminisce around the kitchen table about the crazy things we did in life and laugh about when we (whatever). And the day I do pass, I don’t want my body shown except to the immediate family before getting cremated. I’ve seen too many in my family where they pass and their mouths are open and that image is one that will stay with me forever.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “I have a file on my computer with Mass readings, music, who does what. The deacon who helped plan my dad’s service was shocked I handed him a printed list of what my dad’s Mass looked like – complete with who did what. I’m a planner and don’t like surprises.”

Janie Saravia: “This is what I found with my Mom. If you have insurance, go sign it over to the funeral home so it won’t show as an asset in your income. Also, the funeral is paid for and won’t go up in price. The same if you have a home. There is a legal paper you can have an attorney draw up. It keeps the state from getting it if they go to a nursing home.”

Rebecca Perez: “I talked to my sons and asked if they would like my husband’s and my ashes. We both decided on cremation but don’t want our sons to feel like they have to keep us in their homes if it’s not their wish. Each said they would like ashes to be made into a paperweight, cane handle, and also into a biodegradable urn to be planted that will grow into a tree in their yards. They were instructed to not wear black but color and make sure that everyone knew that’s what I would like. My husband and I are getting together with a funeral home to start making arrangements for when our time comes. We don’t want our sons to have to try and handle anything when they are going through a lot of emotions.”

Yvette Elizabeth: “Yes, my love knows all my wishes and is written down; every detail. All is taken care of.”
Natasha Gonzales: “I would like a nice viewing, to be cremated, a big party, and for my friends and family to take my ashes to my favorite places or places I haven’t been.”

Albert Gonzales: “In our family, we have set up insurances to cover financial burdens from a loss. Thank you for posting this as we as people may sometimes need to update our end-of-life requests. Death can, unfortunately, happen unexpectedly. We shouldn’t be ok with leaving our loved ones with the hard process of making those decisions for their loved ones.”

Celinda De La Fuente: “I have not been able to get a good life insurance plan due to certain health conditions I was diagnosed with. So, I saved up a little bit of money and put that aside for my funeral when the time comes. When my brother died a few years ago, we had to do the same thing to pay for his funeral, and when my mother died 20 years ago, we had to pay people back for helping us pay for her funeral. I don’t want anyone to have to deal with that after I’m gone. I’ve discussed the arrangements with my best friend, Juan, who will take care of things when the time comes. I honestly do not want my family to handle it. He’s the family I choose to follow through with the cremation.”

Roy Aguillon: “I want the family to come together & plan the funeral/roast/party they think would be cool. It’s for them, not for me. I’ll already be spiritually twerking with the ancestors! My only request is that it be outside with an open bar, designated CBD smoking area & that once I’ve been buried they plant a pecan tree with beautiful flowers above my little area. Also, I will not be leaving any cash behind for this so I expect the plates they sell to be!”

Clint Westwood:
“I’ve never thought about it.”

Pauline Barrera: “You are so right, cousin!!! Planning away,it’s the best way! Planning is a must. Always start with having advanced directives medical and financial. Then plan your last hoorah. Working in the medical field, I’ve seen it all.I have had mine for a long time. My parents taught me that. When they passed, everything was set except the extras I added. I planned my kids when they left for college just in case. It’s a crazy world. I already told Jackie to use my most sexy picture for my cards and to post at the door! I don’t care what people say. Mariachis, music, balloons, doves, etc.“