Donald Trump came to San Antonio on Wednesday. Julián Castro was also here on Wednesday to rally for People First . When San Antonio was asked to talk about who they would be supporting this Wednesday this is what they had to say…

Tony Davila:
“Not supporting either candidate.”

Shawn Armstrong:
“Well, I’ll be at work so I won’t be at either one. It’s the same concept as me not going to church but it doesn’t mean I don’t believe”

Candace Price:

Gilbert Dimas Jr.:
“MAGA!!!!! Trump 2020”

Melissa Cuellar:
“Trump 2020”

Gloria Clement Martinez:
“They should stand with their favorite son.”

Garol Grant Rosenstie:
“MAGA for sure”

Rene C Resendez:
“Not Trump”

Jozett Kayser Erfurth:

Grace Perez:
“Not Trump”

AR Sifuentes:
“Trump 2020”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“Trump but Castro intrigues me.”

Lionzo Rodriguez:

Carlos Araiza:

Julian Jackson:
“I’m retired military and what Trump has done for veterans is unbelievable. Prison reform to reduce or completely exonerate mostly blacks from unfair prison sentencing. And this comes directly from the black caucus. Was the leftist media right when they said they can easily control the weak minded to believe any agenda they want to promote. Did you not just see the democrats get caught lying about Donald Trump’s collusion. It was all made up to give Hillary time to cover her tracks for doing exactly what they accused Trump of doing. The smoothest democratic cover up in history. I’m starting to think they obviously can. So, other than jumping on the bandwagon please just share anything you heard directly and completely from Trump’s mouth. No argument, I’m truly just curious.”

Mike Miller:
“I would like to know what made him racist”

Noel Tello:
“Trump because he speaks what’s on his mind!”

Barbara Ann Mendoza:
“Mead TRUMP!”

Jazmin D Zuñiga:
“Anyone but TRUMP”

Robin S Tello:
““Republican all the way”

Roger Garza:
“TRUMP SUCKS!!! Wake up puppets…”

Santiago Tello:
“Trump! All the way.”

Mike Miller:
“Trump… look at all he has done and how hard he is trying to stop the drugs, human trafficking, which by the way is the highest in the world….. just for starters”

Alonzo Hernandez:
“Crime has been going on since the 80s and 90s and crime is not going anywhere. They have the money to use submarines, helicopters airplanes and human trafficking is never going to stop either. I’d rather be on the Mexican side, Mr. Julian Castro, rather than Trump.”