The City of San Antonio and Bexar County are seeking a temporary restraining order on enforcing Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s latest emergency order. Do you think the city of San Antonio and Bexar County are doing the right thing to sue Governor Abbot? Let’s talk about it…

Carolina Roberts: “Bexar County has to take back everything Abbott has taken from us. Vote Abbott Out!”

James Perez: “I heard lack of safety measures and protecting individuals in academic and commercial environments is negligent and highly irresponsible, especially when such measures are readily available and the lives of children are at stake. It’s so easy for people to focus on politics when the same people aren’t attending the funerals produced by their rhetoric… oh until it hits their neighborhood or home or, forbid, themselves or close family members (even their own children). Where’s the politicking then?? Too late. I side with the safety of human lives and rather than to hold any political bearing on a matter of public safety and the irreplaceable lives of educators and children!”

Docia Vowell: “Thank you to Mayor Nirenburg and Judge Wolff of San Antonio, Austin ISD, Dallas ISD, Houston ISD, for making the safety well being of our children, teachers and school staff and our families the top priority. Thank you for standing up for our children, teachers and school staff and our families when Governor Abbott wouldn’t.”

Sarah Gomez: “People don’t realize this is so much more than just the mask mandate. It’s also requiring the schools to do contact tracing and requiring a quarantine for anyone who may have been in contact with a positive case. This is how you help to keep it from spreading in a building with hundreds of students.”

Athena Vierling: “Yay! This is awesome! To the simple minded people it’s about their freedom and to the rest of us it’s about saving lives and safety of children.”

Tracy V. Márquez: “Teach and encourage your children to wear their masks, and wash hands frequently. Regardless of whether or not other students wear their masks, for their OWN safety. Not anyone else’s.”

Vanessa Adame Muñoz: “If parents wouldn’t send their sick children to school, then it wouldn’t be an issue. The problem is there are people who think they have no moral obligation to protect their community. If you’re a Christian then this is what your whole deal is apparently, is it not? There would be no need for mandates if you 1) took it upon yourself to mask yourself and your kids out of courtesy 2) stop politicizing a mask or a vaccine 3) got vaccinated. Most of this city can’t drive, hoard, and cause gas shortages too though, so.”

Vanessa Villarreal Llanes: “They started this surge, by allowing Fiesta, that soccer game, fights, city gatherings of 100 or more people set to line the river walk to release lanterns! Now, they want to enforce masks? If people just went to work, wore a mask and social distance instead of going maskless and living life like there is no pandemic (when clearly vaccines websites say to still mask and practice distancing) we would not be in this position. To those people crying about masks, some of y’all go to bars and take your kids to parties, movies, HEB and let them roll all over the floor. I’ve seen it! And yet y’all want them to wear a mask in school. I don’t take my kids to HEB, Walmart or anywhere else. My husband goes to work, we distance and we wear masks. I haven’t hugged my grandma in almost 2 years or visited her house! I find ways to make my kids enjoy life the best we can with these circumstances and explain to them the importance of hand washing and when they go to school they wear a mask! So do what’s best for your family and stop depending on city officials or state officials to mandate anything!”

Norma Jean Navarro: “It’s the officials job to do what’s best for the citizens who elected them. Kudos to them for doing the right thing. It’s not fair having my kids having to sit next to little Karen with no mask after my family has been doing what we have to for the sake of being safe.”

Elizabeth Casias: “Do people understand that in order to help slow spread of the virus everyone has to wear a mask? If only the unvaccinated wears a mask, it limits the protection when the ones that aren’t wearing one are around. The mask is to protect you from getting others sick, not the sick protecting you. Unless you have your children wearing the n95 mask or higher, your children will not be protected by any means if sent to school with a regular cloth mask. It is helpful for kids and all teachers to wear a mask to protect our kids. The delta variant is highly transmissible and if a group of unmasked kids who are vaccinated can still catch the virus and carry it, you will infect someone so fast because you weren’t protecting yourself from spreading the virus.”

Veronica De Los Santos: “Unvaccinated people started it and continue transmitting it.”

Caitlin King: “Can they just leave things alone? As a citizen, we should be responsible for the decisions we make. If people want to be masked or get vaccinated, then do it and stop infringing on others rights. I don’t need to be coddled. Leave the rest of us alone.”

Jason Aguilar: “This move is for those that cannot be trusted to make the right decision on their own. Your utopia of a government that allows its citizens to make decisions on their own only works when those citizens make decisions (like wearing a mask and getting vaccinated) that protects everyone. Ironically, however, the same people crying about the government making decisions for them are the same people that necessitate the government controlling them. Just do the right thing and the government will allow you to be responsible.”

Juanita Watson: “I’m happy! At least they’re trying to do something, which is better than every man, woman, and child can do for themselves.”

Amanda Radabaugh: “If you want your child to wear a freaking mask then send them to school with one. No one said you can’t do that. However, you will not send my child home to quarantine because she is not vaccinated. Let me make the decision that best fits my family. I’m so sick of this mayor and judge already.”

Brittany Deusenberry: “When the science shows that kids are such a low-risk population and not (generally) in extreme danger from this illness, and that masks have done very little to stop or even slow transmission, but we keep seeing the government attempt to reinstate measures such as mask mandates. It would be better and more effective for schools to implement engineering controls/dispersal and destruction of airborne hazards per recommendations from Senior Industrial Hygienists who are trained to do environmental assessments. They also make recommendations on appropriate PPE by situation and individual medical history/assessment, but we are no longer “following the science”. As someone who is fully vaccinated (in a household where all who are of age are also fully vaccinated) and has been watching videos from medical doctors from different parts of the US and even abroad say masking children is not as beneficial as we have been led to believe, and vaccination should be up to each family making an INFORMED CHOICE, certainly recommended for adults, I disagree respectfully that we need schools to have mask mandates. I believe in individual freedom and doing risk/benefit analysis regarding interventions, as well as the reports that Delta, while yes very contagious, has not been shown to be more dangerous in general than the original virus. Also, given that while cases are rising, the national US DEATHS per day are still quite low, which is a good thing. If you don’t think so, then you are not following science at all. Vaccination is ultimately to prevent mass death right? So in theory the vaccines are working, and yes there may be children who are ending up in the hospital and/or dying, this happens every day from other illnesses and some of those we don’t have vaccines for. We will be living with Sars-Cov-2 for the rest of our lives and our kids lives, and their kids lives. Be smart, get healthy if you aren’t already, take your vitamins, get fresh air and sunshine, wash your hands, and if the vaccine is right for you get it, but stop doing things proven to have little effect over and over!”

Melissa Almendarez Velasquez: “Good looking out! Especially for the young kids returning to school! Keeping children safe should be a priority to all.”

Thomas DeGroat: “Way to go Governor Abbott! Don’t let these bullies push you around. You can’t get a restraining order against the person that runs the state.”

Felicia M. Huizar: “Why are they still talking about Covid-19? I thought it was all about delta now. You know, the new thing that can’t test and confirm that you have? Wake up people open your eyes we are losing our freedom if people keep these blinders on we will have no freedom.”

John Amstutz: “So glad they’re standing up to the would-be dictator!”

Sharon Dunlap: “Thank you for TRYING to care for our kids. Now, the Governor is asking for help from other states to help the mess he is continually making. Get out of here Abott! You are a hot mess.”

Sheila Burkowski: “So, I guess the people don’t have the choice!?! Let’s just force your rules on everyone! What a waste of time and money. These two are a joke.”