Some people are blaming the unvaccinated for the spike in covid. Some are blaming the vaccinated for being carriers and spreading it as they are the ones more comfortable not to take precautions and show little to no symptoms. What do you think the problem is? Do you think vaccination is the solution? Let’s talk about it..

Kelly Narvaez: “I’ve seen a lot of articles that are stating 97% of the recent hospitalizations are all unvaccinated individuals. The Delta variant is more contagious therefore easier to spread. Not sure if they are to blame but they are definitely a possible cause of the increase.
I never stopped wearing masks even though I’m vaccinated as it’s still dominant. I won’t take any risks since others don’t follow the same belief as I do. The problem is the mask mandate never should have been lifted, period. I am vaccinated and will continue to wear a mask as I am willing to protect my family and all others . The other problem is it’s a selfish world nowadays. No one cares for the fellow man anymore. It’s so sad. You don’t want to get the vaccine, fine, wear a mask then. This will never go away until we ALL agree it’s real. You don’t want to wear a mask thinking it’s a hoax but I’m sure people had no problem taking the benefits of it all. I think everyone should get vaccinated until it’s gone. Stop the spread. We were going in the right direction, numbers were going down. Then dingbat said no more masks and surprise; numbers are up again. Do I like wearing masks? Hell no! But if it gets us back to a normal life, I will endure.”

Kristina Zavala: “If only all the people who don’t believe this virus is a threat would sign waivers to medical care, maybe things will change. The vaccine isn’t going to stop you from getting it or spreading it. It’ll only, hopefully, help you to not have severe symptoms. I guess it’s too each their own. Take precautions to keep you and your family safe. Hospitals are getting full again.”

Patrick Southard: “I think we are grown adults. Talk to your doctor to see if it is right for you. Don’t listen to all the hype for or against it. The issue is, people are just saying, ” get the shot or else…”. No, talk to your doctor that knows your medical history regardless of how many people don’t have adverse reactions to it. They may not have you medical issues and ultimately, it is you that is responsible for your health”

Thomas Mc: “The only people to blame are the unvaccinated. I’m sorry but it’s plain science and virology. The more chances for infection the more chances for variants. This is freshman high school biology level.I’m sure someone will say different but I’ll go with my colleagues who are in the medical and research field over the guy who gets research from a Facebook fan page.I am glad to see more companies mandating vaccines and certain cities are moving to mandated vaccines if you want to dine in or be in indoor public spaces. I am way past the time of pandering to undereducated people whose idea of research is Facebook or social media, or a politician, or religion. Even more reason why every person who can needs to vaccinate before a variant comes out that causes more death in immunodeficient people. You bring up the exact point why vaccination of all people is important because you could literally be saving someone who is in most danger. The amount of immunocompromised people who can’t get vaccinated is so extremely low that it won’t make an impact if the majority of the population is inoculated.The problem is ignorant and undereducated people who refuse to do what they need to for the rest of their community.”

Jerry Escobedo: “Better safe than sorry. I look at it like going into battle. I would rather have some kind of combat protection and defense. Some would say why would you show up to a gunfight with a knife ? Yeah, it hasn’t been approved by the FDA. But it is better than showing up empty-handed with nothing to defend yourself with; something’s better than nothing.”

Frank Burton: “The problem has been politicized when it never should have had anything to do with politics. Doctors and virologists know what they’re talking about. Politicians are just worried about making the other party look bad for political advantage. They are willing to sacrifice American lives over this stupidity. Get vaccinated, wear a mask, do whatever it takes but acting like this 1.5 year worldwide pandemic is all for the sake of american politics is beyond stupid. You’re part of the solution to getting back to “normal” or part of the reason we’re still stuck here while the middle class and small businesses erode under the financial duress. I don’t care what that idiot on YouTube said to get views from a polarized political topic to collect a check at the expense of your health – they are wrong.”

Chris Villarreal: “I blame the government, figure this out and stop finding ways to turn us on each other…the vaccine is obviously not a real solution to the entire problem but is the right choice for some while still using precautions like masks and social distancing, but this should not be treated as another Republican/Democrats fight were all human with the right to make our own choices but with consideration and respect of other citizens.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “It’s a new virus. We don’t have herd immunity. Viruses mutate. That’s how they survive. I had Covid and I have antibodies. Blaming anyone for getting a virus is stupid. We don’t blame people when they get the flu. The idea that we won’t ever get sick is ludicrous. My father is a prime example. He wore a mask. He stayed home. We all washed our hands and he isolated himself. He went to the doctor and got Covid and died alone.
Do what’s best for you.”

Andy Squire: “Most people do not understand their age group in relation to Covid. In my opinion, Covid is a disease that greatly affects elderly, especially obesity, diabetes and hypertension. Can it affect any age group? Most certainly but those under the age of 50 have the least to worry about. In Texas, large population centers and the I35 corridor are the main area where Covid is present in numbers. To date only 2 diseases have been eradicated so don’t expect Covid to be gone any time soon. To reduce deaths related to Covid those over the age of 65 need to be quarantined until a more successful way to treat elderly with Covid is devised. (80% of all Covid deaths are from those over 65 years old.)”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “Its being used politically to further divide the country. The numbers being given are being twisted to confuse the public. Covid is no deadlier than the covid strains before it or even the flu. Cancer killed more people in 2020 than Covid did by far in 2020. People are relying on biased news stations instead of researching their own numbers. Look what’s happening in Australia, they are going on a full military lockdown soon over covid. That’s not right. The CDC just retracted their antigen test backing because they had way too many false positive tests, furthermore there is no test to detect a Delta variant. Wearing a mask should be a preference not a mandate. Do I wear a mask? Only when I have to, such as flying where there is no wiggle room. Other than that, I will not wear one. I refuse to. I have been working this whole time even through the lockdown and have been fine. Plenty of people have had Covid around me and I don’t personally know anyone who has died from it.”

Darwin Walker: “Covid-19 can be deadly, but it also can leave you life long medical issues. The vaccine is a tool to help stop the spread and to lessen the symptoms. Just like the flu vaccine is taken yearly because it changes, I believe Covid-19 will be the same way. Until some people are affected by it, they will keep trying to compare it to the flu. I’m in the fight. The flu is not taking over the ICUs. Covid-19 is. Please stop.”

Anthony L. Green: “I can only speak for myself and my family…..We are vaccinated but are still very cautious!! Still wash hands, sanitize all that!! We wear our masks in certain places as well!! To us, just because we are vaccinated means nothing, we still take precautions.”

Aurora Monsivais-Cruz: “Well there is a misconception that the vaccinated can’t spread it which is not true. They can still get it and spread it and for example at my work they don’t have to wear masks and can eat in the lunch room etc., but the unvaccinated can’t walk around without a mask or they can’t eat in the lunchroom. How does this make any sense? Covid can still be spread by the vaccinated, ridiculous just absolutely ridiculous! They single us out and it’s just ridiculous.”