This week,courtesy of Radio Active podcast, I had the pleasure of participating in a Q&A with Duane Finely, actor and producer from San Antonio . He said something that I was completely unaware of; he said America is the only country in the world that you are referred to as “black” or “white.” He said if we were to go to another country, we would just be referred to as an “American.” Imagine what a world that would be if we could do just that; just be one race. Why do you think it is not this way now? Why can’t we just be Americans? Why do you think there is so much emphasis on our race and color of skin? Let’s talk about it…

Tom Shattuck: “I don’t believe it!”

Henry Shamdas: “He’s completely incorrect! Also, Latin American countries do white and black but it’s not a negative connotation. Color in other countries aren’t divided because of color. It’s just an acknowledgment or recognition of another color or ethnic background.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “That’s not true. Example gringos and yantas. See not true at all. Racism exists in all countries. Racism will never go away. We are a tribal and warring species by nature. It’s going to take something like Humans v Predator to unite the world. Even then, it will be a difficult transition until people can get past race and religion and the ideologies that divide us.”

Thomas Mc: “A lot of people here are quick to disbelieve this but while I was in multiple countries in Europe, no one ever said white French or black French, white German or black German, white Swiss or black Swiss. Several other European countries and I never heard distinctions like we do. While in Canada, I never heard anything referred to as a black or white Canadian. While in New Zealand, I never heard anyone referred to as a black kiwi or a white kiwi. Never heard Australian refer to somebody as a white Australian or black Australian. The fact is American culture is deeply rooted in racism. Before the Civil War, during the Civil War, during the antebellum, post reconstruction, World War I World War II civil rights… Hopefully somebody’s getting the point here. Not everyone, but someone will. People who are still alive from the 40’s-60s have experienced it first hand. The country was built in part by slavery. It hasn’t even been 100 years since the civil rights movement. I agree, that would be best. But this country thrives on division. Without pitting people against one another, political parties can’t stay in power.”

Andy Squire: “The main reason is we are a nation of immigrants. Another is self-segregation. Also European countries are mostly homogeneous ethnicity to begin with. We are a unique nation with unique issues. The media and very small groups focusing on things is just stirring the pot. The whole “everything is racist” is getting old. Every country I’ve been to in Europe had racism. Ask a German about Nigeria. I’m pretty sure you’ll get a negative earful. Asian countries are known for their bigotry. Bigotry is the word that should be used in a lot of cases instead of racism. Slavery still exist in the middle east for crying out loud. One can not deny that racism exists in the United States. It exists everywhere. It is just not as prominent as it actually occurs.”

Celinda De La Fuente: “No one is stating that racism and bigotry do not exist in other countries. The question remains, if some European countries just view us as American and don’t differentiate between white and black, simply American, then why can’t we? And how much better would we be if we acknowledged that there is only one race, the Human race while still celebrating our different ethnic backgrounds instead of discriminating against one another based on those differences. That’s what we should focus on. Not more division.”

Kevin Kottke: “South Africa is white,black, and other.”

Todd Forbes: “I have been saying that for years! Morgan Freeman said years ago, ‘Stop calling me a black man, I’m a man- who happens to be black!’ If we got rid of the labels, and identified as Americans ( like the rest of the world sees us) then you’d see how good this country could be- but the powers at be do not want you to see the world that way- it would mean that you would have a lot more free time to see what they are doing and how unethical they are behaving and then we could hold them accountable – they don’t want that- so they say -let’s keep divided and pit one against another! So the attention is away from their immoral deeds! Drain the swamp and you’ll see the foul creatures that live there!”

Patrick Southard: “Racism in Europe is HUGE. I am not sure what country your friend is talking about but I have seen bananas thrown at black players by nearly an entire stadium. I wish he was right. Most countries, unlike the US, are homogeneous though. So if 95% of your population is one culture, you really won’t see much of the truth. The great thing about here is how many different cultures we have. Media is the biggest pusher of racism. It’s not to say there isn’t ANY but it isn’t nearly as acceptable as the media makes it out to be.”

Priscilla Mora: “I’ve said that a million time’s. That’s why I don’t approve of anything that puts a division between us! Not anything. That’s the Army brat in me. We are Americans and all 1 and the sooner that all of us can get on the same page. The stronger we will be. We are making our country weak by fighting against our own and creating division. We have had disagreements before and this goes to my exact thoughts on racial holidays, colleges,etc. Before my sister died she went to Fayetteville College, one of the historical black colleges. There were still some white people. My sister preferred being around black people and I didn’t think anything of it. They’re less judgmental on almost everything. We won’t change overnight and I’m starting to get that. The mans on point.”

Jerry Rowray: “Black and and poor..Republican and Democrat .. good and bad..these are not labels, they are descriptions. The fact is we are all different. American is a good thing that needs to be celebrated, not condemned.”