How long were you married or have you been married? How long were your grandparents married? Why do you think marriages lasted longer in our grandparents’ generations vs today’s generation ? Let’s talk about it…

Beverly Holt Stewart: “I’ve been married 42 years. Both sets of grandparents were over 50. My parents celebrated 70 in April, my in-laws made 65. All marriages ended with a death and not divorce. Why? Because they made a commitment to make it work no matter how hard it was. Also, we have Jesus to help us make it work. When you are trying to become more like Christ you are also easier to live with.”

Valerie Sepulveda: “I’m at 13 years married and happy Christ is in the center of our marriage. My grandparents were married once and they both did the till death do them part.”

Chris Castillo: “My wife and I have been married 7 years. My parents were over 50 years married and both are deceased. I think nowadays social media has alot to do with breakups. Too much temptation for weak people. But if you both love each other and have the same goals for your life together, nothing else matters.”

Amanda Cena: “People don’t put God first. Respect, loyalty, and trust is lost. Social media has made things worse and people have become weak rather than stay strong to focus on the one they are with or had.”

Michelle Morris: “Communication”


Stacy Fairhurst-Gansheimer:”People did not give up on each other; Took their vows seriously.”

Frank Burton: “People are too self-centered now and letting their egos steer the relationship off the cliff. If you aren’t happy and constantly arguing,
what are you doing to fix your hand in that? It takes 2 to tango and most issues are reactive to what they aren’t even recognizing as the problem. Most people aren’t even trying but complain it’s all the other person’s fault. And yes, so many toxic people are just there to take advantage of their partner. I could go on from what I’ve seen and heard from friends. It’s just sad they don’t even try anymore.”

Melody Mike: “Was married for 14 years, and I believe that weakness in commitment, morality and judgment are at hand here. Men and women both are being saturated and pummeled with dazzling media that the grass is greener instead of working toward a commitment that should be honored. As some say ( or should) the grass looks greener cause it’s fake. As men, we should take the lead on this. As women, tambien.”

Sharon Cathcart: “Women are no longer obligated to stay in abusive relationships due to destruction of coverture and the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, among other things. It is no longer legal to fire a woman for getting married or getting pregnant, or to limit her career “options” to teaching or nursing, either.”

Kat Francis: “Have you been living under a rock for the last 70 years? Marriage is an anachronistic, patriarchal/religious institution designed to oppress women, and now we have better education and economic opportunities and no real need for organized religion or the Patriarchy. That’s why.”

Kirsten Ogden: “Because society no longer pressures *most people to stay in bad or abusive marriages; because divorce is easier to get and no longer looked down upon as a societal failing; because we are more enlightened and less restrictive and tied to paternalistic patriarchal social norms. Women can now have bank accounts in their own name (they couldn’t until the 70’s; women couldn’t get credit cards; women could be fired from their jobs for getting pregnant… etc. Financial Independence gave women more options so that male Partners weren’t their only means of financial support. While many marriages were healthy and wonderful and lasted a long time, others were not. Women that got pregnant often married unsuitable life-long partners. It’s not a lack of religious faith or a faltering of society values— staying in a marriage/partnership with someone for a long time (34 years for us) needs mutual respect and equality and commitment. And for society to butt out. Some women in my family were told to stay in marriages where their husbands beat them. That’s not a “successful marriage.” I doubt the stats are comparable.”

Amy Bennett Flippen: “Because people don’t feel as bullied by society and religion to remain unhappy for the rest of their lives. Also people are living longer. As physical and mental health improve, quality of life accompanies quantity of life and people realize that they can have a second chance.”

Beth Yarnall: “Women have economic independence, birth control, and almost equal rights. They aren’t going from their fathers house to their husbands house anymore. We have CHOICES and RIGHTS our grandmothers never had. We don’t have to stay in bad marriages anymore.”

Ed Dennis: “We live in a world of disposability. When things stop working, we don’t fix them, we throw them away and get a new one. The world has told women that they don’t need a man. The government has incentivized single motherhood. Young men aren’t taught to cherish young ladies and young ladies aren’t taught to know their value. We as a nation are dismissing Christian values and glorifying self happiness over glorifying God with our marriages. It is hard work and requires sacrifice. We don’t teach young adults the truth about marriage.”

Susie Rock: “One of my favorite quotes is, “there are no long term relationships without forgiveness.” People are no longer willing to forgive. As soon as it gets tough, people give up. They are more interested in receiving than they are willing to give. I will be married for 28 years this Spring. We have both grown and matured over these years. We have both offered forgiveness for offenses, and we continue to love and honor one another. Marriage is a covenant that can endure, and endure joyfully, when both the husband and wife are willing to do their part in their relationship.”

David Boyden: ”Women are allowed to have credit cards, buy a house, buy a car, make a decent living. Men are not required unless a lady wants one. Us Men need to bring more to the table. Respect, kindness, sensitivity and sharing of efforts. A good deal for BOTH parties.”

Sunny Story: ”Because neither men nor women feel they have to put up with abuse, stress, or being unloved. The church and social pressure used to force people to stay unhappily married.”

Kim Olson Steffes: “Biggest reason? Because women have choices now. They don’t have to stay in abusive or controlling relationships, they’re empowered and can make their own money, they’re getting married later (or not at all), they can choose single motherhood if they want without needing a partner.”

Stacey Sappah: “Divorce was unheard of during that time and my grandparents were catholic so no way!!!Today marriages aren’t centered around God and people marry for money instead of communication,love,sacrifice and commitment-have to talk everything thru and I feel marriages to some people are just a joke.”

Bill Peckman: “Because our grandparents didn’t belong to a generation that saw things as disposable. When something was broken that was valuable, they fixed it. Now we throw it away and search for something new.”

David Brin: “Divorce rates – and gambling, STDs, teen sex and every other turpitude are higher in GOP-run states on average (excluding Utah.) You asked, and that’s a simple answer.”