Will Smith walked on the Academy Awards stage Sunday night and slapped Chris Rock after the comedian made a “G.I. Jane” joke about Smith’s wife, actress Jada Pinkett Smith. Pinkett Smith, who has shaved her head, suffers from hair loss due to the autoimmune disease alopecia. Smith admitted he knew he did wrong during his acceptance speech; he said they are actors and they are human. Do you consider this body shaming? Violence is not the answer but would you have done the same thing? Was he right for sticking up for his wife that way? Do you think sometimes comedians can overstep the mark? Let’s talk about it…

Kimberly Howell Taylor: “I am team Chris Rock on this one. I don’t know whether Chris knew about Jada’s medical condition or not but Chris is a comedian and I believe the joke was on the mild side for him and for most comedians. I understand a husband sticking up for their wife but I haven’t seen Jada Pinkett Smith care about Will Smith’s feelings for years. Will Smith laughed until he saw his wife do an eye roll. I don’t believe what Chris did warranted Will Smith’s actions in any shape or form.”

Benjamin Godina: “Comedians have been hurting people’s feelings for the longest time. This isn’t new. Will Smith is a comedian as well, just not labeled as one. If Chris Rock knew about her illness I don’t believe he would have blasted her, in my opinion. We’re all human but I don’t believe Will Smith should have done what he did on public television and at the Oscars.”

Jeff Hull: “He laughed at the joke himself. Which makes him a hypocrite. Watch this clip. Chris Rock is a comic. Plus he acknowledges Jada and even tells her he loves her. It’s not like he was being malicious about it. Will Smith was out of line and should have been arrested for aggravated assault.”

Jeff Romero: “Did he slap the guy that banged his wife? No! Enough said.”

Amanda Cena: “They know what it is to be in the spotlight. I think he took out his frustrations based on maybe the issues in their marriage? I didn’t know Jada had that and I am not anyone as busy as Chris Rock. Maybe Chris didn’t know she had that disease but again, they are in the spotlight and that’s the territory that goes with the career.”

Manny Santana Montilla: “Douchebag alert!!! Will Smith should have taken this to the gold party and spared us and all the deserving people walking on that stage in their moment, now marred by this spoiled couple. I used to dig for Will Smith, honestly, but he has lost his way recently and comes across as arrogant and entitled. This is just an opinion among many.”

Robert Vasquez: “I don’t pay too much attention to words. Current society has been programmed to be “sensitive” and “ fragile “ to each their own. I’m too busy living my life my way versus what others think and say. There’s a cool old saying “ sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.” America stop being so damn sensitive.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “Maybe punch the guy Jada slept with.”

Mike Jones: “Bottom line. He broke the law and should be arrested.”

John Michael Martinez: “Will Smith was correct. If Chris wanted to joke about her life or career choices that’s fine, but a personal attack? He got what he deserved.”

Jaime Castro: “I know it’s not right to laugh or make fun of anyone’s else condition or any medical health issues but as comedians it’s a part of their life and work yes maybe sometimes they get off the line but why would you laugh or think it’s funny at the joke they make and then see that, that other person wasn’t thrilled with that and then go and show violence on TV or think it’s ok just to go up to someone and hit them this is life and it happens and Will Smith did very wrong maybe he should turn around look at himself in the mirror and slap himself for laughing at the joke.”

Contero Garcia Angel: “Even if Chris Rock did know about Jada’s health condition, Will Smith had no right to physically assault him. Period.”

Patty B Johnson: “Chris Rock made a compliment comparing Jada to a Badass chick G.I. Jane who is played by another beautiful woman, Demi Moore. Will Smith & Jada are swingers who are upset that she sleeps with other men in front of you. Jada has a history with the Oscar’s and if Will Smith doesn’t win she mentions racism. Will Smith should have been escorted out because if it was anyone else they would have. Last note: The Oscar’s want comedians to Host to make everyone laugh and entertain the audience & everyone watching from home.. She isn’t the only actress or actor to get talked about. Remember the Smiths boycotted the Oscars until they found out he was nominated.”

Rodney Kidd: “Violence is never the answer! Had he voiced his dismay during his victory speech, it might have been better!”