CDC says fully vaccinated individuals do not have to wear masks. What do you think? Are you vaccinated? Will you still be wearing a mask? Let’s talk about it…
Kelly Narvaez: “I will be wearing my mask as I’m a courteous individual. I have received the vaccination but still feel I need to wear one as I have a weakened immune system not by choice and will protect myself if others will not.”
Sandra Luna Perez: “I’m wearing my mask. I’m hearing a lot of people that got sick with the first vaccine are not getting the second one. Plus, how do you really know who’s received the vaccine and who hasn’t? For my safety, and a person that is in remission, I’m for sure wearing mine.”
Annabelle Perez Martinez: “I am definitely going to continue to wear mine. As others have mentioned, I have no clue who is or isn’t vaccinated.”
Charlene Smith: “I’m wearing my mask. There are too many people not getting vaccinated.”
Lydia Curran: “We are fully vaccinated and so happy but it depends on the situation.”
Jerry Rowray: “It’s real simple; loving your neighbor is making them feel comfortable. I’m vaccinated but still wear a mask for that reason.”
Judith Tello: “I am scared of getting vaccinated, but more scared if I get COVID19, and have to suffer through the LONG TERM EFFECTS. I am going to continue wearing my mask until the COVID19 threat is totally gone.”
Molly Jiang: “I will continue to wear my mask.”
Anna Y Pops Rodriguez: “I’m wearing my mask. It’s not safe with or without a vaccine.”
Shawn Armstrong: “If someone asks you if you’ve been vaccinated, your answer should be: “My medical history is none of your business and it never will be.”
Jaime Castro: “I got my second dose last month but I am still gonna wear my mask, at least in indoor places or if in crowded places.”
Gene A. Gomez: “ It is too soon in my opinion.”
Rene C Resendez: “I will keep wearing the mask unless other people can prove they got vaccinated. There are too many idiots not getting vaccinated because they don’t believe in basic science.”
Traci Martinez: “I will get my 2nd dose on the 20th… I will still wear a mask until it’s safe.”
Jeff Hull: “I’m keeping mine on at least through the end of the year.”
Amanda Cena: “ I received both shots but still wearing the mask.”
Penelope Perez: “I have not had time to get vaccinated due to work and school. I am afraid it will cause me to get sick and lose progress on my maymester course. I will still be rocking a mask this summer even after the shot in order to maintian a health conciousness. I went to a music event last Saturday where no one was wearing a mask. I kept mine on and it was fine. America needs to find the good in being more sanitary.”