Now that vaccines are available for children from the ages of five through 11, will you be getting your children vaccinated or have you gotten your children vaccinated? Why or why not? My column is not about who is right or who is wrong. I think we can all learn from each other. I also think we definitely all have the right to decide for ourselves. But I do think it’s important for us to talk about topics that are uncomfortable to talk about. Again, there is no wrong or right answer. I have been enlightened on several occasions. I respect everyone’s view points even if I don’t agree with them. So on that note…Let’s talk about it.

Daisy De La Fuente: “Mena just got her 1st dose. It just gives us some sort of relief that if she were to ever get it, especially from school, she will not get COVID really bad. We know the vaccine won’t prevent her from getting it, it is just more a peace of mind.”

Melissa Villarreal Flores :
“My daughter got her first today.”

Kellie Williams Smith:
“Oh heck no.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins: “No. We’ve had Covid. We have a family history of heart issues on the male side. It’s a black box warning for the shot. They chose not to get the shot.”

Veronica Amaro: “We’ve had Covid twice. My brother who swore by the vaccine, has the booster and kept me from my parents has Covid now. So, no. I don’t get these people trying to say or prove that we’re wrong or bad parents for choosing what we have the God given right to choose. I’m not going to debate this with those idiots. I came here to answer this question.”

Jozett Kayser Erfurth: “Not at all.”

Thomas Mc: “Basically the people who believe in science and doctors will be the parents who somehow think they know more than educated lifelong professionals won’t and they will In turn teach that level of ignorance to their kids who will follow in their steps. If someone gets it and is not severe , not on a ventilator, and recovers then the vaccine works. Vaccines don’t promise full immunity. It’s to give your body a jump start … in short it’s good to be vaccinated.”

Candy Yvonne: “Anyone heard of myocarditis? It’s worse than a heart attack. Why would anyone poison their perfect children and subject them to it? Thrombosis is a problem too. Causes micro clots not detected now but later. Anyone who’s had the juice as of a few months ago, please if you can, get a D-Dimer test and let me know the results. Convince me. I was born with a defect, manageable and not giving me issues ever or now, but if I get the jab… I bet it’ll trigger a problem.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I will not be. The shots’ side effects are not worth the risk for the children. Johnson and Johnson stated that the blood clotting affects a tiny portion of people, but if you crunch the numbers, that alone accounts for nearly 5,000 deaths from the vaccine. And that is only one known side effect. Even with the new varieties they keep talking about, the risks to children from covid are incredibly small.”

Elsa Cade: “It’s so scary to me to see sooo very many people being what I would call just plain stupid. What Thomas Mc said. Monumental stupidity! Nothing more or less than that. This is just crazy or stupid or both! Not to mention selfish, cruel and ignorant. Not to vaccinate your children is vile and and example of the banality of evil.”

Angi Stephens Friesenhahn: “I’ve had it twice as well. Once before anyone knew what it was and then earlier this year. It took out some of our household but not all of us. My mom,her husband and my brother and his family are all vaccinated,we’re not. It’s a personal choice. I’m not going to alienate someone who’s vaccinated and I’m nor going to high five someone who’s not. Someone said it’s about the science and trusting science….what about herd immunity? What about our body’s immune system being able to do exactly what it’s supposed to? We have distanced ourselves so much that now other illnesses are running rampant. Vaccinated people can make you sick just like the unvaccinated. Not everyone who is unvaccinated is hospitalized. I’m not minimizing those who have had Covid and passed away by any means. We all have the right to choose. We all have opinions. I’m tired of rights being threatened to be taken away because of a choice.”