A bill to be entitled an act in Texas relating to requiring female representation on the boards of directors of certain publicly traded corporations; authorizing administrative penalties. What do you think of this bill? Is it time to give women their place in the corporate world? Let’s talk about it…

Alice Herrera: “I work in an industry which is roughly 80% men and of varying ethnicities. I am ok with knowing I was chosen for my experience & ability. Not because I’m a woman or of a certain ethnicity. No company should be forced to hire someone solely on their ethnicity or sex.”

Jay Kapica: “Loved watching WOMEN arguing against equal rights for WOMEN…”

D.O. Wilmoth: “45 years in the making. The last vestiges of The Patriarchy eroding keeping Women in their place.”

Lonnie Bradley: “I don’t think women are equally represented, but I also think forcing a company to hire someone just because they are a certain race or color actually undercuts the accomplishment because everyone, including the person hired, is going to wonder if they got the job because they deserve it or because they were x minority. They have to be hired to serve on the board, which means non government run companies are forced to hire someone to fit the requirements or get fined, even if someone else is more qualified.”

Jerry Rowray: “Women have worked tirelessly for many years to advance in the Male dominated corporate world. They don’t need our help to legislate their advancement. Just get out of their way.”

Candy Yvonne: “How is that bill going to work when genders by the left are being eliminated? No girl, boy, female, male, mom, dad and so on. That for them takes care of it all.”

Drenn Workman: “Equal rights would be nice. However a biased bill that only guarantees women’s rights and not men’s rights is unsuitable.”

Fearno Arts: “About time.”

Suzanne Lemire: “Weak men want Mothers, not Wives.”

Nate Twehues: “Republicans say women are already equal, while pushing for more control over women’s bodies.”

Joanne McIntyre: “They have been trying to pass this for over 50 years, men have had ALL the rights all along, about time!!”

Thomas Mc: “It’s worked very well in Europe.”

Gilbert Dimas Jr.: “I agree 100% hire the best person possible man or woman period regardless of race or gender.”

Patrick Southard: “Even Europe’s most egalitarian countries struggle to put women on an even footing at work. Women still lag behind men in pay, management and company ownership.”

Tim Gideon: “So more feel good sounding B.S. that does absolutely nothing. Gotcha.”

Cindy Albers Wilson: “Yay! It’s been a long time coming.”

Roseline Adam: