Most places want servers to have experience before letting people venture into waiting tables. It’s pretty common to host or bus before serving. Fast forward post pandemic: No experience necessary. Bartenders, bus staff and cooks have been asked to wait tables due to the lack of staff and people applying to be servers. In turn, service isn’t what it once was. Orders come out incorrectly or are not entered at all. Managers are running food and correcting errors by jumping in the kitchen.
The other day, we took an investor from Mexico to dinner. We were there about 15 minutes before him and I had ordered drinks and spoke to the bartender who was also the only person available for dining. She was very nice. When the gentlemen arrived, she came over to take his drink order. He asked what kind of Tequila she had in spanish. She became so standoffish and said, “I don’t understand spanish!” I wanted to say Tequila is pronounced the same in English or Spanish! I wanted to talk to the GM of the hotel because she had a look of disgust on her face when he spoke. I wanted to leave and take our business elsewhere, but I had to bite my tongue and not react to my emotions because there was no one else who could take our order. There was a full lounge and my reaction could cause this person to give bad service to everyone else there. Luckily our boardroom was ready and we did not have to sit in the restaurant long.
I waited tables over 20 years ago and it is not always the easiest task when you are slammed; but slammed, no experience and it is nonstop because people are eager to get out again. There is no excuse for being rude but I have decided to deal with it and not complain. There has been such a domino effect and we all have to consider it. What about you? Have you seen the decline of customer service or had a bad experience? Let’s talk about it… #letstalkaboutit

Carmen Madariags: “Sadly, it was occurring pre-pandemic as well. There seems to be a widespread erosion of courtesy, social grace, and “training” to be considerate of others ! In the public service businesses it is totally unacceptable! One pays the extra expense of going out to include being catered to but many servers act like they are doing the customer a favor! No doubt our social conditions of the hour are adding flame to the fabric of what was once, at least, professional business courtesy. Courtesy is contagious and courtesy is free to give and yields forth a wealth of good energy!Ah! If we will all be conscious in this busy, distracting world, of slowing down enough to be courteous!” #KINDNESSONTHEDAILY

Shawn Armstrong: “I think part of it is also that companies want you to have work experience but you need to work at companies to get experience so it’s a catch-22. As for customer service, well it just depends on who they are and if they were ever told no or disciplined in their life growing up. You know the sheltered kids.”

Michael-Anthony Fernandez: “Try going to the Chili’s at Bandera/1604. On two recent occasions, I’ve seen customers get into arguments with hosts and waiters. I had one waiter tell me that it wasn’t worth the hassle and was probably going to walk out after he brought me my order!”

Sandy Gee Palacios-Villarreal: “Absolutely yes. People just don’t seem to care.”

Phil Zavala: “I have just recently found a new respect for the food service industry.”

Jerry Rowray: “This is just re-growing pains for the industry. Time will take care of it. Everyone is impatient and wants things back to normal NOW!!! Being a server, auto mechanic, or cashier at HEB it’s all the same. Slow down….smell the coffee..and be patient.”

Contero Garcia Angel: “This was on my mind right now. Hubby and I had a lengthy conversation What is the solution?”

Belinda Mayen-Aldana: “Yup”