AnArte Gallery Presents HOPE | STRENGTH | POWER | LOVE

An exhibition by Analy Diego

Provided by AnArte Gallery

Last week community members gathered to celebrate the latest collection of art by Analy Diego called HOPE | STRENGTH | POWER | LOVE. The collection explores the themes in the title through color. Portions of the proceeds from the opening benefit local art education organization, Say Si.

The artist describes the exhibition as an, “An explanation of color interaction, color symbolism, and emotional effect of colors on viewers; how much can color interaction affect our perception of a piece of art?”

Her portfolio includes sharp vector illustration color explorations  with familiar icons like the Tower of Americas at Hemisfair park, the Virgin of Guadalupe, Princess Diana and Frida.

A Texas native, Analy Diego was introduced into the art world at a young age by her grandfather, a skilled caricaturist. She started painting with watercolor and oils at the age of six, and continues doing so until this day. Analy received a B.S. in Interior Design, graduating with Magna cum laude honors, as well as a Masters in Architecture from The University of Texas at San Antonio. While in school, she developed an acute attention to form and space associated with architecture. This refined her visual and analytical skills, thus strengthening her focus on the ties between art and design.

As an Architecture and Design instructor, Analy continues to expand her artistic knowledge through her teaching methods. She draws inspiration from different color theorists and architects, such as Josef Albers, Charles and Ray Eames and Frank Lloyd Wright. However, references to contemporary subjects and current social issues frequently appear in her work. Her art has grown to include a wide variety of styles and mediums, ranging from ink drawings to graphic illustrations.

Analy’s passion is to work on projects which will reflect her strong artistic point of view, and allow people to appreciate common day subjects that are easily overlooked today. Analy currently lives and works in San Antonio, Texas.

Artist Statement:

“To say that we were disappointed to postpone my solo exhibit at Anarte Gallery in early March is an understatement. Little did we know that we were entering the early stages of one of the most trying times that our generation has had to face; a global pandemic. I would like to say that my heart goes out to all of the families around the world that have been affected by this virus.

It’s during the most trying times that we learn the greatest lessons. This newly found “TIME” has allowed me to understand what real “family quality time” means. I am now able to read more books, take longer walks, play longer hours with my son, have deeper conversations with my husband, and without a doubt, to more clearly focus on my art and learn from the art created by others.

I have worked with a wide range of mediums, from watercolor, to oils and acrylics, to digital/vector art, which is now my specialty. Most of my vector illustrations portray people, places or objects that have somehow influenced my life. They are meticulously rendered, and often incorporate bright colors and patterns, as well as expressive poses which represent both personal and universal narratives.

I see art as a reflection of society, which we can use as a tool to identify our own beliefs and views, our stories, and personal experiences. By deviating from traditional art tools, and using technology as my main medium, I try to prove that art can still be a part of the fast paced, evolving world we live in today.”

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Mixed Media on Acrylic/Wood Panel



Mixed Media on Acrylic/Wood Panel



Mixed Media on Acrylic/Wood Panel



Mixed Media on Acrylic/Wood Panel

*Available in Different Sizes*

*All pieces can be printed on acrylic, glass, mirror, brushed aluminum (silver or gold finish) or archival paper*