Born in 1936, San Antonio Artist Gilbert Duran is a distinguished name in the art community. With many of his notable works reflecting historical and iconic themes that are synonymous with San Antonio, Duran has composed numerous painting that depict Frida Kahlo. This painting entitled, “Frida Margarita” is known as one of Gilbert’s favorites; it is in the collection of Guadalupe Rivera Marin, the daughter of the famous painter Diego Rivera who was married to Frida Kahlo. The Frida Margarita painting is an iconic image created by Gilbert Duran and it graces the walls of many high end restaurants throughout the country. The artist revealed to us that he chose to portray Frida with the frothy margarita because he sympathized that she deserved a nice, cool, refreshing drink for all the trials and tribulations that she went through. An award winning artist, Duran’s accomplishments range from Congressional Hispanic Artist of the year award, to numerous renowned exhibits to include works shown at the Smithsonian Museo Alameda, credited in a variety of prominent publications, and countless works secured in private collections. A valued talent, thriving in Southtown San Antonio, he is continually working on new projects. To view his works in person, they are on display at Studio 911 and Paradise Gallery y Cocina by appointment.