Our cover artwork is entitled, “The Shrine”. It is an oil painted work that is reflective of the visual aesthetics of the quaint, colorful homes located on the city’s west side. The petite, skillfully manicured lawns are often intricately adorned with ornate objects. These precious objects hold significant meaning to the families that have taken the time to decor their dwelling. Every element is placed and arranged with intention and care.
Meet internationally exhibited, critically acclaimed, award-winning artist, Jose Esquivel of San Antonio, Texas. Mr. Esquivel has been creating art for decades and he has advanced an influential career in the art industry for over fifty years. His work is rooted in social, political, cultural and environmental themes. The Chicano Socio-Political movement of the 60’s and 70’s was a major influence through his early works. Today Jose maintains a gallery on the west side of San Antonio and expressed his excitement and enthusiasm about the productive and expansive developments taking place in the community with art being a noticeable presence.
Jose Esquivel has been published in countless publications, news articles and his work has been exhibited in prestigious galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. To see his work, and contact the artist you can visit his website at: www.JoseEsquivel.com