This Thursday October 4, LA-based artists Amber Navarro and Brittney Scott return to their hometown, San Antonio, deep in the heart of Texas. Situated right across from the river at Flight Gallery in San Antonioʼs Southtown Arts District, Navarro and Scott present a duet show entitled “Youʼre Doing Amazing, Sweet Tea..” The artists will be exhibiting entirely new bodies of work, both of which savor San Antonioʼs nicest features. A palette of warm primaries and playful neutrals is kissed with ultra-specifics like armadillos, BBQ, and Lubyʼs Cafeteria. While the artists work in quite separate modes, their practices are unified by convergent roots and a willful spirit of play.

Mounted on custom-cut acrylics, Navarroʼs photographs depict still lives of ultra- familiar figurines: miniaturized San Antonio buildings, horse toy accessories and nanoscale Texas snacks are placed before candy-colored backdrops, reflecting a girlhood in Texas. Navarro plays with her memories as though they are Polly Pockets, reflecting a sense of lighthearted and precious nostalgia. Scottʼs paintings, being shown for the first time, hang alongside Navarroʼs acrylics.

Traditional framing and stark white backgrounds bear well-known symbols of the Lone Star State: perky Bluebonnets and happy livestock are rendered in a style that is colorful and mischievously straightforward. Scottʼs thick and exhaustively smoothed lines curve out images which are simple but heavy in significance, like isolated memories that have been rounded and sweetened by time. Joining these two series is a collaborative video made by the artists, an homage to the delightfully opaque pleasures of Queso. The show stands as a grateful homecoming by two LA-transplants eager to visit a home that could never be forgotten!

Amber Navarro (b. 1991) is a director, animator, and curator living and working in Los Angeles. Her work often deals with femininity, intimacy, and technology. She is also interested in music video directing and incorporating mixed media into her videos. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Experimental Animation from The California Institute of the Arts in 2015. She has been included in exhibitions in Taipei, Taiwan, New York City, and LA; as well as the Tateʼs New Museum. Navarro has been featured on DAZED, Nylon, Papermag and is represented by Adolescent Content as a director.
Brittney Scott aka B6 (age 26) is a multidisciplinary artist and activist from Texas now based in Los Angeles. Her desire for equality in society and internet obsession are the driving themes in her work.