As we are opening back up again, some things are back to normal. Unfortunately, one of those things is bullying at schools. In one case, the child was told by the bully to kill himself and would spit on him on several occasions. In another incident, a friend of mine told me the child bullying his daughter would put razor blades in her backpack and tell her to kill herself. Technically, if your child is being bullied, the school has 3 days to notify you in Texas. If not, you can report it to the State and action can be taken toward the school to the point of shutting it down completely if they feel it was not handled appropriately. Has your child been a victim of bullying? Did the school handle it to your satisfaction? Let’s talk about it.

Jessica Hernandez:. “Bullying is serious. I really hope this gets settled and that her child is left alone. Glad the child spoke up! I was bullied in middle school and it really takes a toll on you mentally.”

Elizabeth Ericsson: “My child was bullied and afraid to speak up. One of the parents and their child came and told me. I went that next morning to the school and spoke to the counselor. She assured me she would speak to the girls. The girls were brought in the next day. They were smirking. In front of them I told the counselor I will hold you and the administration responsible. I will file charges against the girls by enforcing Code of conduct rules. The school stands by those rules and they too must be held accountable. It’s a frightening thing for both parent and child. Speak to your child even if you don’t see a problem. Don’t let them die at the hands of others. I pray things will change for this child.”

Mari Rodriguez: “My little girl was getting bullied by some boys in first grade. I told the teacher and the principal, yet the bullying continued. Nothing ever happened to those boys. One day, my daughter had had enough and knocked the crap out of those boys. Until this day, those boys have not bothered her again. School administration wanted my daughter to be disciplined because now the boy’s parents were complaining of bullying.. Too bad. They should have done something before.”

Michele Lara Hill: “What an embarrassment that the school takes 6 months on something this serious. Disgraceful for sure. I hope they name the bullies and their parents so they can be humiliated just like they are guilty of doing this to innocent children and allowing it to go on. It’s a good thing it’s not my kids or grandkids. I would act on a whole other level there.”

Laura Zapata Pierce: “I pray everyday this does not happen to my boys. One who will be a 7th grader and one who will be in 6th grade. Because I love my family and my freedom. But we have a 3 day rule warning. After that, I might lose my freedom. Don’t mess with my kids.”

Pamela Sue Mullins: “My grandson, who I have custody of, was bullied at Wood Middle School in San Antonio from the time he started 6th grade until the pandemic hit. I did everything that I was supposed to do but the school failed him. They followed up on nothing. He’d been hit, shoved into lockers, thrown in trash cans, called names but yet the school did nothing. He currently goes to IDEA Judson and that’s where he will continue to go until he graduates. So for all the kids out there that are being bullied and to the parents of these children, my heart goes out to you. This bullying has to stop and the schools and the parents of the kids doing the bullying all need to be held accountable. I tried to have one student arrested for what he was doing to my grandson but I was told by the school that it was up to them if they felt an arrest needed to be made. It’s time for everyone to stand up and speak out. Put an end to this bullying and put an end to children taking their own lives because of it”

Pamela Moreno: “Unfortunately, Mom and the school dropped the ball on this one. Even when turned away or ignored, parents need to shine the light right then and there. Being aware and battling the school while your child is dealing with it day in and day out is damaging. It’s not an easy situation but as parents we can’t let it drag on. I hope this gets taken care of.”

Maria Selvera: “My daughter was bullied at one time. She finally said, ‘ok, I will meet you away from the school and we will settle this’. Well, they met and they started fighting. My daughter started beating her up and the girl was so scared. She started running and never messed with my daughter anymore. Sometimes you have to say this is enough.”

Debra Brunstrom: “If a teacher were spit on, had their hair pulled, and a computer knocked from their hands, you bet the kid would be suspended and the police called. So why not when this happens to another student?”

Liz Price: “A child should always feel safe at school. There are 2 sides to every story. People are too quick to blame administration and the school. When do we hold parents accountable? These behaviors start at home. The school has laws to abide by and can’t tell the other parent the punishment of the other student. Not everyone understands what it is like to work in a school.”

Donna Snider: “There should be zero tolerance for any bad behavior in school. I hope the school gets in trouble for turning their backs on this. Good luck and God bless.”

Jaques Meriz: “Good ole school solution: bully beatdown and they’ll leave you alone!”

Bryan Tomecsko: “I feel you. My son was bullied and also the school did ABSOLUTELY nothing. When I stepped in, I got in trouble because I confronted the students and their parents.”