By Yvette Tello
I had a conversation with a local church member who has shared that her church would like to turn their event center into a dormitory for local refugee children. I have discussed this with a few community leaders and the feedback was interesting. Some felt the effort should be towards getting the children back to their families while others shared that the current living conditions are dreadful. Children are sleeping on hard floors and getting them back to their families at this time in a timely manner is unlikely. What do you think? Is bringing refugee children to San Antonio a good idea or should we push the effort to have children be placed with their families? Let’s talk about it…

Ruy Rocamontes Jr:
“Get them to their parents.
You need a lot of staff.”

Benjamin Godina:
“Children need their parents.”

Mike Miller:
“If it has to be done, I would rather see the church then the government. The government screws up ev- erything they put their nasty mits to”

Gustavo Gus Zaldivar:
“ I like the idea. If I can help let me know.”

Mary Svetlik Watkins:
“I’d rather see a church house kids than the government.”

Jazmin D Zuñiga:
“Church first then push to get them with their parents. I would volunteer.”

Armando Cantu:
“It’s hard to say. Either way, it’s not a good situation condition But if I was the parent, I would like conditions to be livable for my

Sandra Luna Perez:
“I believe it’s hard either way but having children separated from their parents is devastating. A child feels safe when they are with their parents. Separation will scar
them for life.”

Steven Gonzales:
“Even if the church does provide the building, the government will still be running it.”

Penelope Perez: “This is a nice sentiment .”